Summer is here and we’ve gone Country Girl (17 HQ Photos)

Say hi to Amanda on her Facebook Page.

Country Girl’s Facebook Page.

  • Brandon Fritz

    come to University of Wyoming. We could use a country girl like you 😉
    – Pharmacist in training who can swing dance

  • Matt

    #4 – perfection

  • steven

    I'm in afghanistan, and man that raised my morale. thank you

  • origin

    …She looks amazing. I do have to wonder though, what it's like for her to be submitting all these photos. She probably likes the compliments but wouldn't she find all the sexual comments to be….disturbing? And come on, I can't be the only one who thinks that right? And what about all the degrading comments…

    • ichive

      She is an attention whore. And a not very good looking one at that. She obviously has issues.

      • Origin

        I think she looks really good. Just my opinion. I won't deny the possibility that she's an attention whore but we can't really know for sure

  • Rodger doger

    #12 you see HER left little toe??? It's all jacked up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    veri nice ok

  • nyfan806

    wow. could be a candidate for the cleavage challenge.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe joe

    Look to be a cool down home girl if you ever want to go fishing and kick it send a message to email

  • Henrik

    I am in love…….
    A country boy from Sweden

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