There’s more than meets the eye to this VW van (16 photos)

  • Woodrow

    I'd get claustrophobia sleeping in that bedroom….

  • danihizart

    Where is HUMP DAY at?

  • Guest

    This is my retirement plan. Sell everything I own and tour North America

  • the_mike

    OH EM GEE The site I don't have to pay for and keeps me entertained everyday posted the same thread that they had posted recently. The world, just might end.

    Kick rocks people, lets take a look at the grand scheme of things. It isn't that big of a deal…

  • Phil

    I actually own an older one of these. 1983.5 Westfalia Vanagon. 250k miles and still going strong. Sadly alot of new VWs are made in Hungary, not sure how reliable they actually are.

  • Idle Screen

    $90,000 of WTF for?

  • johnny p

    cool commercial again, bro

  • Big Poppa



    Someone is dropping the ball at the Chive. You guys already did this post.

  • Hallsofstone

    Whatever happened to the good old fashioned tent?

  • sureman123

    now thats a cool camper for midgets…

  • Karsten Meyer

    now you can go live in a van down by the river very comfortably.

  • fucked a duck

    all these commets and i cant get a name for it? westfalia right? but what model

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what kind of VW this is??

  • HendricksOscar

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  • DaDream

    Just Another…..VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER. Rip Farley You Funny SOB

  • @electroleum

    Am I the only one struggling to see how exactly this thing collapses into a normal van? I want to see a video!

  • Bob

    clever but ugly!

  • gingergreek

    I have just found my next vehicle (No joke)

  • Dr. Evil

    Pfft! Have it transform into a robot or GTFO!

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  • jesus

    wow it looks good

  • josh

    No seatbelts in the back seats?

  • retro jordans for sale

    Great post, Kim. I think I will use these ideas to generate some conversation on Face book as well. Blessings!

  • Darcie

    VW love!!!! Must add it to the fleet!

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