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You'll pardon the late DAR today. As many of you know, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD tech who lost all four of his limbs when a mine exploded underneath him in Afghanistan last month. I asked the Chivers to raise $30,000 for a down payment on his dream cabin when he was finally able to return home to Iowa.

The Chivers had other ideas. They dismissed the idea of a down payment and decided to pay for the entire log cabin instead. We raised the goal of $30,000 in an hour flat.

In the last 3 hours since I posted it, Taylor's story has gone viral. We have just crossed the $95,000. We're on the cusp of hitting $100,000!!! I'm speechless at the Chivers' generosity as is Taylor and the entire Morris family. I will continue update the page through today into tomorrow.

Original Story HERE. Donate HERE.

Super-Awesome Update: We just hit $100,000 and the donations show no sign of stopping.

Late Night Update
: I'll continue these updates first thing in the morning. Even late into the night the donations continue to surge. We've hit $143,000. You've exceeded the initial goal by over $100,000. Words escape me.

  • McMuffinM

    2 Cokes for $20
    a Coca-Cola is $10?

  • Peter Winter

    #32 Fuck Yes!

  • French chiver

    Am I the only one who thinks #9 is awesome? And find her?

  • Grant

    #46 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Caviar and champagne. Sounds like a pretty lame stag

  • Balynou

    #42 is so not Eva Mendez

  • Enthusiastic Student

    Wow #24! You are the sexiest woman I have seen in a long time! KCCO wherever you are, you just made my day!

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #24….. CT

  • @Computalotapus

    #24 omg MOAR

  • scottyboy16

    #24, and #33 WOW!!!.#42 Eva Mendes….All I can say is Freaking WOW!!!

  • chicago

    #11 better idea: enter elevator and just shut the fuck up, unless you're #46 then just talk dirty

  • Matt Miller

    #24 sweet cameltoe… Find Her..need MOAR! #33 OMG!

  • Reckless

    #40 spend it now before the chick takes it all

  • Anderson463

    # 46 and a stellar closer you are!

  • Trainer

    #20 and #24 wow.. just wow. and #33 my god at that ass. We need MOAR of #33 for sure

  • gottaclimb

    #2 #20 #32 Favourite DAR right now. Not only the generosity of the Chivers for Mr. Morris, but two smoking hot climbers! Love it!

  • Evan852

    #40…i'd be more impressed if it were in USD

  • Mischievous

    #18 #24 #33 #39 #42 #46 love our chivettes! I want a chivette of my own. Keep it up ladies

  • dave

    #42 is not Eva mendez

  • Poke4Life

    Holy Shit! I knew Eva Mendez was hot, but damn!!

  • Liam GTFOMW

    #16 If i know my beer correctly, is that a Shiner Bock? WIN!

  • Cary Sharples

    #40 who drank the cappuchinos?

  • Mr Lucky

    #32 #33
    Can't decide which would be more thrilling to do …

  • Helocopter46

    Who is #24? Gots to Know!!!

  • Tim

    #6 Semper Fi lucky guy…

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