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You'll pardon the late DAR today. As many of you know, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD tech who lost all four of his limbs when a mine exploded underneath him in Afghanistan last month. I asked the Chivers to raise $30,000 for a down payment on his dream cabin when he was finally able to return home to Iowa.

The Chivers had other ideas. They dismissed the idea of a down payment and decided to pay for the entire log cabin instead. We raised the goal of $30,000 in an hour flat.

In the last 3 hours since I posted it, Taylor's story has gone viral. We have just crossed the $95,000. We're on the cusp of hitting $100,000!!! I'm speechless at the Chivers' generosity as is Taylor and the entire Morris family. I will continue update the page through today into tomorrow.

Original Story HERE. Donate HERE.

Super-Awesome Update: We just hit $100,000 and the donations show no sign of stopping.

Late Night Update
: I'll continue these updates first thing in the morning. Even late into the night the donations continue to surge. We've hit $143,000. You've exceeded the initial goal by over $100,000. Words escape me.

  • https://www.facebook.com/babaganoush75 Michael Marquez


    This picture is rubbish. I don't see an order of Voss water.

    • https://www.facebook.com/babaganoush75 Michael Marquez

      shit…that was supposed to be 40. I hate when that happens!

  • chris

    #33 and #42 holy crap!

  • bulletstopper

    #40 twenty bucks for a coke? lol, they charge him 50k for one wine, 40k for another and don't comp the sodas? wow lol

  • Jason L.

    #2 Chiver's are the best people in the world… Thank you for re-establishing my faith in humanity!

  • Gallus

    #2 – Let's get this hero set up for life. His story and plight makes the rest of DAR today quite limpand insignificant.

  • Mike

    #39 wow. Find.

  • David

    #33 who is she?

  • indesignkat

    Well that's just ridiculous.. $4 for a THE?

  • ipostic

    #40 it all depends on which location of Nikkia beach it is… 107,000 of some other currency could be $200USD :))) just saying. they have spots all over the world!

    • karl

      Address at the top is St. Tropez, with a French address. Whcih means that's in EURO. $132k+. I don't know him, but that's one hell of a party. I need a different job.

  • Roadgypsy247

    #5 Leave it to us Montanan's.

  • SGT_Fati

    #46. I see that confidence is not all talk. Very nice.

  • ChiverinMA

    #20 isnt getting enough of a mention out of the girls here, just awesome

  • Dan

    NDanieluff said #24, #26, #33

  • Albert

    #33 0_0

  • Adrian

    That guy looks just like my physics teacher who is getting fired for giving students 0's at Ross Shepard high school no joke
    I failed with a 49

  • epomerance

    #28 get him down, get him down, get him down!!!!

  • poop

    ya know, I really like the chive but why do they take so many pictures from reedit and give them no credit?

  • MRB

    #40 who pays $12 for 3 "the's"!?!? thats cheap

  • Geo_B

    #3 Red Dragons!!!!

  • scott

    #46 id like to close your gap.

  • Plato

    #24 this is my first MOOOOOOOAAAAAARR!!!!!!!


    #40 THE is four dollars?

  • Ryan1807

    #2 Taylor, thanks for being awesome! KCCO from one Iowan to another!

  • da goober

    #24 she was in yesterdays DAR. who is she??
    #39 you are magical. and I am still asking for MOAR. that is all. 🙂

  • Dan

    #40 Is in Pesos so it's actually about $8,000 USD…. Still a great night!

  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.moreno.5473 Juan Moreno

    Whats #24 name???

    • The Ghost

      Melissa Deblin

      • The Ghost's Father

        Melissa Debling

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