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You'll pardon the late DAR today. As many of you know, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD tech who lost all four of his limbs when a mine exploded underneath him in Afghanistan last month. I asked the Chivers to raise $30,000 for a down payment on his dream cabin when he was finally able to return home to Iowa.

The Chivers had other ideas. They dismissed the idea of a down payment and decided to pay for the entire log cabin instead. We raised the goal of $30,000 in an hour flat.

In the last 3 hours since I posted it, Taylor's story has gone viral. We have just crossed the $95,000. We're on the cusp of hitting $100,000!!! I'm speechless at the Chivers' generosity as is Taylor and the entire Morris family. I will continue update the page through today into tomorrow.

Original Story HERE. Donate HERE.

Super-Awesome Update: We just hit $100,000 and the donations show no sign of stopping.

Late Night Update
: I'll continue these updates first thing in the morning. Even late into the night the donations continue to surge. We've hit $143,000. You've exceeded the initial goal by over $100,000. Words escape me.

  • Chicago

    This has now become a lame douchebag site. Too many ads and embedded commercial crap. You lost your edge. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya

  • Ken Kong

    #24 that's her

  • Mitchiver

    #39- nice kankles. #24-stupid tree trunk legs. #33- absolutely gorgeous

  • 11 Bang Bang

    #2 Godspeed Taylor. Navy EOD are the best I've had the pleasure of working with: crazy, arrogant, funny as hell, but also true professionals. Enjoy the log cabin Sir.

  • MrFluffy

    #24 Will you marry me

  • Namal

    no 27 is Sigiriya in Sri Lanka.

    Chive on from Sri Lanka, where it's always summer

  • Sammy

    Never posted before but…

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722809282 Oliver Vorian Wang

    #39 You have got my attention. Some.
    #45 That is beautifully pleasing to the eye. Nobody ever strings up yellow light bulbs like that along a boardwalk anymore.
    #2 You, sir, honour the human race with your selflessness.

  • Frenchgirl

    #40 à 10€ le coca c'est en effet de la folie!

  • Mikerhinos

    #40 "Welcome to Saint Tropez"

  • RandomTask09

    #27: I'm pretty sure that is in Sri Lanka… the ancient Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

  • purvieWRX

    #24 asdflawoiaut;lasd……… Forgot what I was going to say, oh ya the dar is late but this makes up for it… 😮

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13752682 Zach Rochner

    #6 That's a lucky devil dog right there.

  • Scotty

    #11 The best idea ever to retards.

  • COmountainChiver

    Digging the climbing pics. Keep em coming.

    • tseuq

      everytime im 70ft off the ground and look down…….gotta say…..i secretly mutter to myself "KCCO….."

  • SDchiver

    #38 super geeeeee

  • tseuq

    #21 #32 loving the climbing chivettes……….moar!

    • tseuq

      #20 sorry wrong number, but it was an awesome piece of art none the less

  • http://twitter.com/JONNBOY89 @JONNBOY89

    #20 #24 #33
    Why hello there

  • J. D.

    # 20

    File under 'find her please'!!!

  • Bill

    #42 thx for the latina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/remi.hunt Remi Hunt

    Chive you get this a lot.
    #39 I beautiful.
    I fell in love
    She looks like the the night sky with a trillion stats out. The only spot you can find that beauty is in the U.P.
    Just find that princess

  • http://www.facebook.com/lexeris Vytenis Kybartas

    #40 cappuccino 12? what mockery is this? how much is that in real money?

  • Reginald

    #20, #24, #32
    I love you all very much.

  • the frenchman

    #24 WOW #33 Dylan you're my hero. #39 So beautiful.

  • stewart

    #18 im in love, MOAR!!!!!!!!

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