• knotmee

    do you think the idiot that posted this is unaware its a video game?

    • JohnnyDucati

      "Do you think the idiot that posted this is unaware that NASCAR isn't the only sort of racing out there?"

    • NonBrit

      This is definitely a track in Gran Turismo 5. . . and it's also a real life track, at the Monaco Grand Prix. And this is real footage from that race on Sunday.

    • Ethan Moore

      It is a the F1 video game, but if you watch a real qualifying lap from that camera it looks the exact same

  • DubStu

    You high? This is the real deal…Marc Webber's pole setting qualifying lap.

    • Matt


      Aussie Aussie Aussie!! (oi, oi, oi…)

    • pooper

      Nope its Vettel qualifying lap from 2011

    • pooper

      Its Vettel from 2011

      • ferzdf

        I'm pretty sure its last week's GP, observe the nose of the car

  • DubStu

    Actually, I'll correct myself there; having watched it again, it's Sebastian Vettel driving. Nonetheless it's still REAL on board footage from last weekend's Monaco GP.

  • Luke

    Now children, this is why NASCAR is boring to watch. Tell your friends.

    • NonBrit

      The problem is that you don't watch the race from this view.

      The other problem is that this guy started in first and ended in first. The last 10 laps the top 4 cars were separated by 2 seconds. The race result would have been no different had they ended it on the first of those 10 laps.

      Formula 1 is terrific and there are a lot of things to like about it, but NASCAR certainly isn't boring to watch, with its constant overtaking and the insane closeness of the cars. They're completely different animals, anyway, with F1 showing what can be done with technology and NASCAR showing what can be done with raw muscle (the cars don't even have fuel gauges, and they just started using fuel injection this year). They're different enough, and both fun enough, that I can thoroughly enjoy both.

      • Chris

        I hate to be one of those people, but it's Sebastian Vettel driving last years RB7 for pole. Mark Webber was on (inherited) pole this year and won the race from there. but yes everything else is spot on. (I'm a huge Webber fan and RedBull fan so i had to comment, sorry :P)

      • Jay

        The problem is you sir are uneducated, you can watch the race from this view for the entire race, Sky gives 3 separate incar views you can watch live from in each race.

      • DubStu

        This is actually qualifying, hence the lack of traffic, other than the one car we see getting out of the way, since he can that Vettel is on a "hot lap"

        And F1 cars don't have fuel gauges either BTW… 😉

        Check YouTube for footage of the start of this years' Monaco GP. Try that on for closeness!

        Yes, the rest of the race might be "processional", but that's just Monaco for you. The rest of the calendar has plenty of overtaking and action. Again YouTube any of last seasons or 2010s races to see what I mean. F1 has upped it's game big time, action wise, since that farce of a race at Daytona in '05.


        • GUEST

          How has Jaun Montoya done since he switched to NASCAR from F1? OH thats right not too good at all, must be because NASCAR is easier than F1 right?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I got car sick just watching

  • Martijn

    Nice, thats real racing right there!
    Just a couple of inches away from those walls 😀
    Keep these vids coming 🙂

    ps vettel gonna win again ?

    • Corey Cocker

      I'd say it goes to Webber or Hamilton this year. Lot of races left to go though. Personally, I'm a Button fan, so I'd love to see him win.

  • B0oRadley

    Nascar drivers watch this and their heads explode

  • Applefish

    These guys have TRON lightcycles skills and reflexes.

  • Corey Cocker

    Yeah, F1 has the worlds best drivers. No question. The lap in the video wasn't even the fastest of the race. There were 9 other drivers who put in a faster lap than Vettel, the one in the video, at Monaco this year.

  • Justin Henning

    I played that track on Gran Turismo 3 back in the day!

  • Dakota Moore

    I think i speak for everyone when i say "holy shitballs"

  • Jeff

    It's Sebastien Vettel in his qualifying lap in Monaco, you can tell be the number of the car. That's the way I want to drive through the streets of Monaco

  • Scott

    I wish I could drive that to work every day.

  • L1080

    That is my fave driver Sebastian Vettel. Number 1 on the car you can see it. Webber is 2. He is in Monaco. I am not sure when this is from prob last weekend, but last year he qualified on pole in Monaco. That was a sick qualifying lap.

  • Anjin-San

    I live in Italy, just 130 Km away from Montecarlo (about 80 miles).
    Last year i've been in Monaco the week before the race.
    The circuit was set up with banners, bleachers ans whatever you can see in the video up there.
    Everything was ready for the race, and the streets were free to drive, since it was a normal day.

    I don't remember how many circuit laps i've done! I couldn't stop, that was really amazing!
    You can't imagine how narrow the streets are.
    F1 driver skills are unreal!

  • BBL

    Bernie won't be happy you posted this….

  • pooper

    This makes american racing look like dog poo

  • Ben

    F1 has nothing on Isle of Man TT racing:

    • Scott

      Holy. Fuck.

  • Chris

    Thank you chive, I'm glad you appreciate F1 while its popularity is very low in the states. Hopefully it becomes more popular after F1 goes to Austin later this year. My favourite site and sport coming together.
    C'mon Webber! and Ricciardo!
    ❤ -clearly and Australian

  • Chris

    Here is another view on Paul Di Resta's car at the start of the 2012 Grand Prix. This is a lot slower than the video above because the 2012 cars aren't as fast and Paul's car is on a harder compound tyre and has a full tank of fuel.

    Sorry for slight spamming :/

    • waltgator

      thats awesome camera views we need more of that but ecclestone wont show shit

  • tcja4

    F1 is my favorite sport. Thank you for showing it here. As someone said, it's not as popular here in the U.S. but it's totally worthy and so exciting to watch. I count down the days to the next race!

  • Paul

    Kept waiting for a crack up!

  • frozenbubble

    imagine the time without automatic gear.

    here you can see some footage from airton senna in 88 shifting gears

  • Ste

    its definitly vettels pole setting lap in 2011. i can tell because of the blown diffusor wich sounds like a fart as hes shifting down. this system is now forbidden in the season 12. Vettel had won the race.
    there are 55 gear changes per lap. so yeah, the "manual" times were pretty hard with only one hand on the steering wheel..

  • Greg

    The gearbox is actually a seven-speed paddle shift transmission in F1, and it also has reverse. The paddle shift changes gears on the fastest cars in FAR less than a tenth of a second. It's phenomenal.

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