Japanese threads are to “normal” what Kim Kardashian is to “praiseworthy” (38 Photos)

  • shakespeare

    yeah i'm betting most the pictures came out of the harajuku area, been there only a few times but this does look like their style. The hotter girls would be in shibuya area

    • Smsh

      Finally someone who seems to have an inkling of what japanese culture is like. I felt lost in a sea of oblivious for a bit.

  • Saskguy26

    dafuq did i just look at?

  • https://www.facebook.com/Zondorf Steven Ray Kenney

    This post is filled with "Dafuq"

  • seanthecelt

    #13 and #34
    If they're old enough, I would.

  • Gallus

    These guys are freaks. Yet, in contrast to their pseudo-samurai ancestors of the early 20th Century, they are not blowing sh1t up and killing people. So let them be freaks. No one is getting hurt, and they are having some sort of fun.

  • John W

    Great Scot!

  • Sbean

    #6 is that Will I Am on the right?

  • brendy

    number 6 looks like an asian will.i.am

  • Slimey

    Some of the chicks are hot, but would hate to see them without the make-up !!!

    • Slimey

      Guess I wouldn't look that weird walking down the street there with a bucket of eels and a funnel.

      • leah_bee


  • Rodef

    Nuclear bombs fault !

    • J.Oppenheimer

      Atomic. Idiot.

  • Wilderbeasts

    That's around 70 abortions that should have happened…

  • DrunkOldMan

    This week on "Kitakyushu Shore…"

  • http://www.markalmighty.com Mark Almighty

    #32 – 'Merica, F*CK YEAH!

  • guest

    I never would have guessed the after effects of atomic bombs would turn out like this.

  • Meh

    Didn't we try to kill it with fire twice already?

  • http://sitithepirate.blogspot.com sitithepirate

    It's kinda like they put a bunch of words into a hat, wake up in the morning shuffle the words around and pick up 4 with their eyes closed then just go with what ever is on there.. #34 would be Skeleton, Polar bear, Fur, Dots, Marching band

    • leah_bee

      I lol'd

  • Ughhh

    I hate Bob

  • DanS

    Imagine what the "Walk of Shame" looks like for these people!

  • imbizzle

    At least ugly people in Japan accept it and comically magnify it. If you frown walking down these streets then your broken. I wish ugly Americans did this.

  • Brock Samson

    are these screen caps from The Fukushima Diaries? look like radioactive mutations to me..

  • Bus

    Makes me want to laugh like, 'he he he he he he he!'

  • DanBo

    Harajuku fashion is like allowing a 3-year-old dress adults.

  • Nick

    What……the…….fuck?!?!?! Fukushima fuku'd up their brains somehow.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Not saying Japan is'nt the weirdness and nerdiness capital of the world, but In fairness we could gather some comic/sf-con pics taken off the convention floor, pics of select gay pride paraders, (not that there's anything wrong with that), halloween outfits, guys at sporting events, Uber fans at movie openings, and plenty more that would appear just as strange to many.

    • Smsh

      Right on.

  • Rusticles


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