Japanese threads are to “normal” what Kim Kardashian is to “praiseworthy” (38 Photos)

  • ckron247

    #28 other then that stupid hair cut, I'd say this is the most normal looking one up there. The girl on the right of #12, that bitch has problems.

  • Anthony

    What is wrong with Asian people? If that is fashion I want nothing to do with it

  • Needlegun13

    Somehow, Asian hipsters seem worse than ours…

  • Falthor

    #2 Lisa Lopez is rolling over in her grave.

  • Needlegun13

    #32 'Mer… 'Merica?? Wtf??

  • Tom

    So many hipsters…

  • BuccDub

    lived in Japan for 5 years…this is not the norm any more than all the equivelant American kids who dress up like this and line up for goth shows or dress up for Prom nowadays. Are you guys really dumb enough to think that all Japanese young folks dress like this or willing to admit these are the extremes. I walk by my local live house in Ohio and can see just as random outfits and hair on certain nights when a specific band is in town.

    • Frank

      And there are a shit ton of these people in Japan too. Just look at the pictures, they don't lie.

      And thus, we laugh.

  • http://www.behance.net/alexandredaveiga Alex

    There is a fine line between originality and ugly tastelessness.

  • Will

    Dear Japan,
    Sincerely, the rest of the world.

  • Pooper

    #28 is an alien or a wax figure

  • gingergreek

    All I see is every black eyed peas video ever made

  • Barry

    Comic Con in America = Tuesday afternoon in Japan.

  • SadeShadz

    #11 Hagrid and Ron's mom on a secret date.

  • vandal


  • Kenny

    Wonder what a hipster wears over there.. Normal clothes?

  • Jamie

    Literally what I see in my nightmares.

  • Anon

    Sounds like all the haters are mad they can't have this much fun


    Where do they hold their "Hunger Games"?

    • Anon

      Funny you should say that since Hunger Games is a ripoff of a Japanese novel.

      Also, Tokyo is to Japan what Hollywood is to America. Not at all representative of the whole nation.

  • Jay

    I don't get it, they all look the same to me…

  • jeremy

    #30 is the most normal of the bunch

  • fernsyla
  • nuccabay

    #11 going for the john and yoko look i guess

  • rick

    its all that radiation we dropped on em back in the 40's

  • John P

    Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays. Am I right? Guys? …Right?

  • Boogaboos

    This is some fucked up shit

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