McDonald’s never looked so damn fancy

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  • Gallus

    It figures that McD execs would want to tear it down. Still, it surprizes me a bit considering the many "nontraditional" Micky D's I have seen in Europe. Some of them were really nice places. Same food, but nice places.

    By the way, CHIVE execs, what became of today's Daily Morning Awesomeness?

    • jesseDubya

      Its right where it always is…derp!

      • Gallus

        No, it's not.

        • Underbaker

          Yes it is, but if you are having trouble seeing it I just went there and copied the link, so here you go

          • Gallus

            Okay, thanks. I am not in fact seeing it, and its absence has been consistent throughout the day. I'll follow your link.

            • AveryGAYchiver

              you sound cute AND stupid Gallus

  • Marty Siry

    ACTUALLY! It used to be a Wedding Hall back in the day as it was only turned into McDonald's back in the early 1990's. My parents had their wedding reception there WHEN it was wedding hall. I know all of this because this is the McDonald's I frequent when I crave some McNuggets as I live about 10 minutes from it.

  • ColaChiver

    1795 is older than a century …. just sayin'

  • NebraskaGuy

    I may get thumbed down mercilessly for this, but IMHO this is a shame!

    Take a historic landmark and turn it into a McDonald's – a real damned shame!

    • Jenn


  • snoyes2

    McDonalds in Freeport Maine is equally "fancy", it is in the historic Victorian Style Gore House. They do not display the golden arches at this location either, just a plain small black sign with gold lettering.

  • BobbyG

    Baby, I'll take you to the fancy McDonalds. I've got a coupon

  • Dave

    do white people work there?

  • PJD

    I live in nhp and can tell you the bathrooms are above average, food is the same radioactive crap.

  • NHale

    Because why would you use a house like that to do something like house a few homeless people when you could make sure you get your six piece instead. No wonder the execs wanna tear it down. It makes Mcdonlads look socially irresponsible.

    • Frank

      Fuck it. I'm in.

      If I can quit my job and live in that house whilst you guys pay for it, I'm there.

    • Tim

      Give them your house.

  • gingergreek

    Try as you might you can't polish a McTurd

  • drbman

    #11 classic Mcdonald's locking up the second level with a rope!

  • GtheD

    I used to live right around this joint…it was like the highlight of my life when I was kid. < sigh > the good ol' days.

  • Eddie777

    looks fancy, still serve the same crappy food

  • ted stevens

    WacArnold's is tearing this family apart!

  • Andy Valentine

    Shame it sells Mcdonalds food. Though I use the term 'food' in the loosest possible terms.

  • daman

    Richy Rich's is much nicer

  • JMick

    I would honestly probably drive past it thinking it was a Ronald McDonald house or something….

  • Sal Gambino

    HAHA THIS IS WHERE I LIVE, ive been going here my entire life.
    this is crazy

  • jt92391

    It's funny: I always went here as a kid and didn't think anything of it; however, every time I'm with someone who isn't from my town, they freak out over it. I guess I have been spoiled.

  • Dingleberry

    mehhh its not that great been there before.

  • davey

    Yeah looks nice but the "food" is still shit.

  • The Duke

    Bet monkeys run it like all the rest

  • Sal gambino

    HAHA THIS IS WHERE I LIVE, ive been going here my entire life.

  • Ali

    LOL this is right by my house… nothing special about it, besides the fact its in a huge house

  • Cmui

    i am from the area, a great place, been to many birthdays there as a little kid

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