McDonald’s never looked so damn fancy

As per the photographer’s request the full gallery can be viewed at Scoutingny

  • DDV

    been there many times. actually is really nice considering what they serve.. food is put together a little better as well.

  • Alex

    For those who are curious …

    Yes, mainly white people work there, right now mostly high school girls. a few old people. its in a good middle class neighborhood. Most people go there or the taco bell (normal building) down the street when stoned out of our minds.

    • Jhutt

      What does the racial makeup of the employees have anything to do with this McDONALD’S?

  • DDV

    Actually was a steak house and catering hall before a micky D's

  • Rubes27

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  • Jesse

    wow! random, this is right near my house!

  • joe

    I remember going here when I was 7 – 10 years old and felt like it was the best day of my life.

  • Andy R.

    What a waste of that house.

    • Frank

      Should have turned it into one of those failing historical site where no one ever bothers to go.

  • soir03

    thats in New Hyde Park New York, I have spent many drunken nights there as it is 4 miles from my front door

  • Chris Kreider

    went to hs down the block…the rumor always used to be that before it was McD it was a funeral home.

  • Oil country

    I had sex at Ronald McDonald house… 🙂

  • CharlieFBaby

    there is also one just like this in Freeport, ME!

  • fermezvosgueules

    Way to treat one of your oldest building, america.

  • jeff

    further into long island they have a few more fancy looking ones like this..port jefferson has a pretty nice one

  • Sundevil8181

    Wow, I might even try a McDonald's at a place like that. Unfortunately it will be the same garbage but in a more tolerable setting.

  • MISTERButterworth!

    The Mickey D's in my hometown was in an old stone inn known as the Frontier House built in 1824 from the mid-70s to about 2006 and it was really cool. Traditional Mickey D's food of course but in a huge building. Sadly the shortsighted townsfolk didn't think fast food was becoming of the community so they didn't renew their lease and now the building is rotting since no one is willing to spend the millions needed to renovate it.

  • Ghost

    I've been here too. if this trend continues the statue of liberty will be a Starbucks.

  • Dave

    Visit the McDonalds in Napier New Zealand (We lived there for 2 years). The only Art Deco McDonalds.

  • Daniel Barciela

    I don't know if this is the fanciest McDonald’s. I thought the fanciest McDonald’s was in Portugal.
    Search in google images for: porto portugal imperial mcdonalds
    Unfortunately I can't find any picture from the underground salon (it's much better).

  • Zebulon King

    Shits so fancy i need a Second Monacle

  • 7ph0enix7

    So you could get fat like a Sir?

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