The Chivette of the Week: Haley Almeida

Is there something in the water in Alberta, Canada? We have so many Chivettes submitting from Alberta I'm considering a meetup in that awesome province. Haley, the stage is yours:

Hey Chivers,

Well how do I write about myself? I'll try to keep it as simple as possible!

My name is Haley, my friends call me Hales, family and some close friends call me booboo or wiggles. Laugh it up.
Also, I couldn't have a better family!

I have worked independently, I've owned a business for quite a while now. I am a mobile stylist for weddings, grads, photo shoots, and other events. I love what I do.

My passions are cooking and fitness, I love cooking for large groups of people.

I'm 21 years old, an old soul with a young heart. I like to climb trees as a kid, I still do… like, a lot.

So since everyone is probably wondering what my tattoo says, I'll just hint that it is a paragraph of merged Audrey Hepburn quotes.
My dorky side is very dear to me because I try to stay beautiful inside by being kind to others.

I'm the polar opposite of a girly-girl. I loathe shopping, malls, makeup, and I don't watch 'Gossip Girl'.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to my small home town of Stony Plain/Spruce Grove, Alberta. There's a lot of Chivers here and I'm so proud to be your Chivette.

I love the Chive! Keep Calm & Chive On Chivers and Chivettes!

Say hello to Haley on her Twitter page.

Say hi to Haley on her Twitter Page.

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  • thashitcreh
  • mikethemotormouth

    36 pics? Mmmm…nope not enuf. Need mor

  • Oregon_country

    #19 Sexiest photo of them all

  • YourFan

    You're Purdy!

  • copper

    This is the chivette of the year!

  • ChrisPBacon03

    I..I love you?

  • mico

    Did anyone else notice she's way too skinny?

  • Frank Li


  • crank

    Hot…un until tattoos…now trash

  • Houdini112

    I just want to say Hi to Haley and thanks for all the great photos. I just love how fit you are.

  • Tyler Wenz

    Just another chick from Canada that makes me want to pack up my shit and move up there. Who knew Canada had so many hot chicks?!?!?!

  • Miagi-son

    That's one lucky sandwich. Giggidy giggidy.

  • Edmonton Chiver

    My jaw instantly became friends with the floor as soon as I saw this.

  • KAG

    Awesome woman

  • Oskar

    She is…perfect!

  • ryan

    YA STONY PLAIN hahaha partied at her house once

  • Legendairy

    THE white buffalo

  • Gr. 10 Bus Buddy

    Please Sit On My Face at Farmers Days This Weekend

  • Kelly James

    cute a a button!!

  • homer2210

    Beautiful face. Truly an angel sent from heaven.

  • Branden_Chapman

    A meet up did you say!!!!????? For the Love of God that would be awesome..Don't Care Where just tell me When!

  • XL22

    #19 #33 smoking hot but also the worst Canadian ever bud light? really?

    • Haley

      I knoowwwwww I almost didn't put this one up because of the beer but cut me some slack. It's all that was left in the fridge 😉

  • mad hatter

    Your six pack scares me


    that’s an albertan girl for ya

  • neco

    It would be nice to sit down and have a nice conversion with a sexy girl like that.

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