The Chivette of the Week: Haley Almeida

Is there something in the water in Alberta, Canada? We have so many Chivettes submitting from Alberta I'm considering a meetup in that awesome province. Haley, the stage is yours:

Hey Chivers,

Well how do I write about myself? I'll try to keep it as simple as possible!

My name is Haley, my friends call me Hales, family and some close friends call me booboo or wiggles. Laugh it up.
Also, I couldn't have a better family!

I have worked independently, I've owned a business for quite a while now. I am a mobile stylist for weddings, grads, photo shoots, and other events. I love what I do.

My passions are cooking and fitness, I love cooking for large groups of people.

I'm 21 years old, an old soul with a young heart. I like to climb trees as a kid, I still do… like, a lot.

So since everyone is probably wondering what my tattoo says, I'll just hint that it is a paragraph of merged Audrey Hepburn quotes.
My dorky side is very dear to me because I try to stay beautiful inside by being kind to others.

I'm the polar opposite of a girly-girl. I loathe shopping, malls, makeup, and I don't watch 'Gossip Girl'.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to my small home town of Stony Plain/Spruce Grove, Alberta. There's a lot of Chivers here and I'm so proud to be your Chivette.

I love the Chive! Keep Calm & Chive On Chivers and Chivettes!

Say hello to Haley on her Twitter page.

Say hi to Haley on her Twitter Page.

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  • Randy

    #23 he'll yeah!

  • DAve

    Trx straps kick ass

  • Scott

    As much as I love our good Canadian Girls, this chick is skinny with no ass and no tits. Sure she has great abs but that's all.

    I'm sure she's a nice girl, but Chivette worthy? Not really unloess humping a bag of antlers is your thing.

  • Omg

    The real question is flames or oilers

  • TheWhiteBillCosby

    Wow…I hate that I love the CHIVE. It is so depressing to know girls like this exist everywhere I am not.

  • bakdoorsmash

    #32 bit pancakey would slam

  • Dee

    Way to represent the Alberta chivettes!!
    Chive you should defintally plan a meet up!!

  • ouchmyjaw

    It's stupid that theres dudes out there that don't appreciate a girl that is natural. There is so many fake looking girls now with fake hair, fake eye lashes, and fake tits. Shes natural, I'v met her.
    I appreciate that since I met her at the gym and she had no makeup on
    Jaw still dropped!!

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  • Allen Samuel Lee

    Yes, John. It seems all the Chivettes are in Alberta and I think a meetup out there is in order.

  • Vachiver

    Chivettes, if you like you will like this site. Check it out!

  • sumdude

    #15 lol i think the whole world approves and not just the gap hales : p , id totally make you dinner anytime

  • jt1120

    #21 Now if you were making out, THAT would have gotten my attention.

  • Radical

    Okay so she's into fitness, is secretly a nerd and gorgeous. My perfect girl. I'm moving to Canada

  • longshot421

    You are spectacular. Absolutely amazing. Represent Alberta pride! Chive on from Sherwood Park.

  • Sean

    Her Body is like a 12 year old boy typical Megan Fox Tattoo wannabe . She says she isn't a typical girly girl not liking girly things , why would you pick a profession that you do hair and make up each day ? self employed at 21 , no buisness name means you don't actually have a job ! henece why you work out all day .BIG PASS

  • Cal1

    #18 so god damn sexy, I love this photo, I would make SWEET live to that piece of meat, ohh yeah

  • Thom


  • CalgaryChiver

    Yes there's something in the water up here, Hot girls in bikinis all summer. And even some in winter too.
    A Chive party meetup up here would be a great effing plan! Come to Calgary Alberta for one hell of a party!

  • Greg

    #14- it puts the beer cans on it’s nipples!

  • Shano

    yea…..Haley is pretty much my pick for hottest woman in the ultraverse….after my girlfriend of course

  • Nighthawk

    Super hot 12 of of 10 but what is with chicks getting tattoos of quotes? Its annoying

  • Gun_guy

    #15 and so do I!

  • maddox

    she has the "mark of the idiot"….aka: the quote tattoo

  • ace_rounder

    I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from

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