The Chivette of the Week: Haley Almeida

Is there something in the water in Alberta, Canada? We have so many Chivettes submitting from Alberta I'm considering a meetup in that awesome province. Haley, the stage is yours:

Hey Chivers,

Well how do I write about myself? I'll try to keep it as simple as possible!

My name is Haley, my friends call me Hales, family and some close friends call me booboo or wiggles. Laugh it up.
Also, I couldn't have a better family!

I have worked independently, I've owned a business for quite a while now. I am a mobile stylist for weddings, grads, photo shoots, and other events. I love what I do.

My passions are cooking and fitness, I love cooking for large groups of people.

I'm 21 years old, an old soul with a young heart. I like to climb trees as a kid, I still do… like, a lot.

So since everyone is probably wondering what my tattoo says, I'll just hint that it is a paragraph of merged Audrey Hepburn quotes.
My dorky side is very dear to me because I try to stay beautiful inside by being kind to others.

I'm the polar opposite of a girly-girl. I loathe shopping, malls, makeup, and I don't watch 'Gossip Girl'.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to my small home town of Stony Plain/Spruce Grove, Alberta. There's a lot of Chivers here and I'm so proud to be your Chivette.

I love the Chive! Keep Calm & Chive On Chivers and Chivettes!

Say hello to Haley on her Twitter page.

Say hi to Haley on her Twitter Page.

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  • Sky

    #14 why is the guy rubbing beer cans on his nipples?

  • kitty_karloso

    #19 Impressive!

  • aightcha

    @HEh_ley (Twitter) <————- She changed the name

    • Emmet Adriaans

      no she didnt

  • Shawna

    Yess, meetup in Edmonton, AB! This chivette would be there ;D

  • ichive

    meh at best. really just a skank.

  • BigD

    Don't know what to say, but WOW !!! Love this girl ! Great pick Chive !!!

  • Jack tripper

    Wow. Omg. What can I say that hasn't been said or that won't sound cliche or lame. Ef me gently ur SOOOOOOO beautiful. I'm a bc chiver but proud to say I was born in Alberta! KCCO baby call me if ur ever in bc 6047812590

    • J J

      Call him Haley!!!!!!

  • Travis Phoenix Birch

    You are the reason i live in alberta!

  • Marco

    My Goodness Gracious! You are phenomenal! Go Canada & Viva Portugal!

  • @HalesAnnaMaria

    Hey Chivers!
    Just wanted to thank everyone who sent nice comments, that is very kind!

    I have definitely read a lot of them. Some comments I would like to answer to & clear up though 🙂

    For starters. The Chive likes to keep the Bio's simple so that readers don't get bored. My bio that I sent in was definitely simplified & some of the details were cut out. I'm not a publisher so that was totally fine with me. But by doing that I think some people got a little confused.

    To clear up the confusion about the makeup and malls stuff. I am a Tom boy who grew up in a acreage community full of dudes. Therefore my personality, views, & lifestyle is not girly. But physically I am very feminine. I can't stand shopping but I do love clothes so, I get in the mall by myself & get the heck out. I hate putting makeup on, wish I never had to wear it. But, due to my business being in the beauty industry I must look professional with my hair & makeup done.
    My business does not do makeup for the record. Only hair, which I love.

    Comments regarding me being to skinny, flat, & not showing enough skin:
    You have all the rights to your opinions & I know i'm not everyones taste. 🙂
    From a health perspective I am not too skinny, I am very into fitness and healthy eating. I eat 6-8 small meals a day that are very high in protein. It's Muscle not bones 😉 I could easily go get a boob job but I can think of better ways to spend $10 000, If i ever have money laying around and decide to get them, they will be because I want them, not to make strangers happy. Big boobs would look weird on me anyway.
    I don't show a lot of skin because less is more, it leaves a mystery to the eye. Which is sexy to me.

    Comments regarding my tattoo:
    Hey, not everyone is going to like tattoo's… completely understandable. But, my 5 yr old tattoo was for me. It wasn't to copy someone or for impressing people. It's in an area that can be easily hidden & it has sentimental value to me. My grandpa & I use to watch black and white films which made me grow to love Audrey Hepburn, It also gave my Gpa(rip) & I special memories.

    Thanks Chivers for making me laugh, blush, smile, & jaw drop with all these comments.
    See you at the stampede Albertans!

  • M W

    What does the tattoo say? Never mind, I'll assume it's something stupid, complete with spelling and/or grammatical errors.

  • Merlyn

    I never thought to see a Stony Plain Chivette. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled when I'm in town.

  • Michael

    Insecure attention whore is insecure.

  • Jack o' lantern

    Bit of an attention whore. But, then, that's what the dbags here go for.

  • project_2501

    Dream. Woman.

  • Carvalhinho

    Sangue português nesse corpo… muito bem 😉

    • @HalesAnnaMaria

      Ola, Sim meu pai esta cheia homem portugues e minha mae e branca.
      Por isso estou apenas metade Portugues mas eu definitivamente tomar
      depois meus pais lado totalmente. Obrigada!

      -Sorry if that is rusty lol

  • Lauren

    Definitely envious…holy HELL she has a perfect body. I'm gonna get off my computer and work the fuck out now.

  • Chivester


    • SARA


      • Chivester


  • perdy

    omg Haley you're the most annoying person ever. Fake fake fake….that's why you have zero friends and spend your entire life on the Internet. You should hear what everybody in town is saying about you.

    • Arron

      This town is so sick of this annoying wannabe.
      Everything you list in your Bio is all fake…
      Please take your shout out to our town back and move somewhere else.
      The entire town thinks it's HILARIOUS of you to pretend you actually have a job because everyone knows you don't actually work for a living and doing the odd hair due for a friend for free is not considered a job or wait a business… be True to whom you are and maybe people would actually like you… not just guys

    • Sara

      You clearly are a jealous cow that has too much time on their hands to try and put down a beautiful girl who is not only on the outside but just as beautiful on the inside. Maybe you should spend more time on focusing on how to improve your shitty attitude then trying to put down other people that clearly have way more things going for them than you do. there is no other reason why someone would go out of their way to "try" to bash someone they probably only wish they really knew. i am proud to know Haley and know that everything you are saying is absolutely false and really you need to take your negativity elsewhere. She is so far from being fake and is one of the realist people I know. Now stop trying to put other people down for your on insecurities. Grow up.
      Sara H.

  • kyle

    i love her sooooo amazing she is one to bring home to mom!!!!

  • Vanessa

    ddaaaammmmnnnn girl lol xoxo blo

  • Rich

    What does your TAT say?

  • Hank

    99% perfect. Tattoo's suck

  • CannonRebel

    O! Canada!

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    she's stunning =]

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