• Rick

    The comedy spectrum is a circle, not a line. This guy is SO not funny that he's hilarious.

  • Shawni

    lol, chive! you found andy from 'parks and rec' aussi relative!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    It wasn't gut busting hilarious but it was kind of funny until the end where he showed the dead kid. I found that pretty disturbing. I know it wasn't real, but just the thought of killing some kid on the playground just isn't funny. At all.

  • https://www.facebook.com/samuelthefisch Sam Fischer

    That was not funny. No i don't need to lighten up. That just wasn't funny. KCCO

  • USuck

    This guy Sucks!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SnazzyBlubber @SnazzyBlubber

    I cracked up XD

  • y u so crazy?

    only spf 15….

    I should go put 30 on.. nawh it's cloudahy

    I smiled a bit.

  • Evan

    Wow loosen up, shit, was worth a good laugh.

  • Mike

    I skipped forward, then again, then again, then I realized… wow, thechive really has no clue.

  • bakdoorsmash

    wtf? ffs some needs to tell ned kelly to cap that fool trick.

  • guitarz333


  • Josh

    Lol, very Australian

  • Adam

    That's 2 min. 43 sec of my life that I won't get back! Thanks for wasting my fucking time! Aussie prick!

  • Billop

    This is fucking crack up americans needing to get a sense of humor

  • Cabbage

    To all you idiots saying 'I bet he's not even australian' what do you think an Australian accent sounds like? We don't all sound that extreme but some do. Anyway, he 100% is Australian and maybe only Aussies understand his sense of humour, cause that was hilarious. You all need to get your knickers out of a knot.

  • Ryan S

    I'm Australian (Melbourne) and I didn't find it that funny, SPF part was pretty good but that's about it. His accent does sound a little off in parts almost too bogan, but he's probably from Queensland or something. lol

  • bear

    the advertisement video is extremely annoying and takes double the time to load.

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