A Hulk sized clusterf#^* (5 Photos)

Via Odditycentral

  • expert

    Could be a water curing epoxy or maybe a rare earth based paint developed to thwart sonar. There is also super strong anti fouling ship bottom paint that deters barnicles. Whatever it is, he may already be in trouble.
    Sad, really, seems like a nice guy after all.

  • savanath

    he poses for the camera while his family scrub him like crazy for 24 hours straight

  • AJG

    Wtf is he doing with a toilet brush!!!

  • Herby Sagues

    I would have suggested he tried tan paint on top of that.

  • paint gunge

    He is looking so hot painted in that colour. I wish I was in his arms while he was painted feeling wet paint on our bodies while he pour that paint all over us.

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