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Yesterday, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD who lost all his limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan. Taylor had always dreamed of having a log cabin on a lake so we asked the Chivers to pitch in the down payment on his dream home. I set the goal at $30,000.

The Chivers smashed the goal in less than an hour. We couldn’t have predicted in the opening minutes of the campaign that the Chivers were, in fact, just clearing their throats.

Many of the early comments read something like, ‘Screw the down payment. Let’s get him the whole cabin instead.’

The donations began to surge. I received an email from a family friend watching Taylor’s donation page. “John, the donations appear to be coming in faster since we hit our goal. How? This is insane!’

Not insane really, just how the Chivers have always rolled. Minutes ago, donations blasted past $200,000… $170,000 more than we asked for.

Taylor’s story is just beginning. The local and national media are now decsending upon the Morris family to help spread his inspirational story and I’ll keep you posted on the new developments. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, you’ve earned it. Donate right here.

Happy Friday, Chivers

John n’ Leo

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  • Roose1134

    #2 I'll have a glass of that!!!

    Keep calm and Taylor on!

    • Roose1134

      Or should I say, I'd tap it!

  • John

    #27 Chive you MUST FIND HER!!!

  • Nic

    If this is all we are ever known for, I would be happy and proud to be a chiver, crazy thing is.. we can only become more awesome as time goes on! Chive On Everyone!

  • NolaGoddess1978

    #12 AWESOME!

  • MattKL

    #8 She has me under her spell. Enchanting lady.

  • Shabooms

    #37 #39 BEST!! Taylor deserves all the love and support and y'all definitely deserve a pat on the back and a beer! Well done!

  • DrGarnicus

    #39—the Chive. Always doing more for our brave soldiers than our government does! Kind, Caring & Chiving On!

  • J ROD

    #39 Chive On Indeed Sir, Chive on Indeed. mY heart is with you guys. Cheers.

  • CLT Chiver

    #27 Is insanely hot!! MOAR!
    #39 Glad to help out a true hero!! KCCO!!

  • Ken Kong

    #15 i bet they look good with my dick in their mouth.

  • Mason

    Morris, you deserve every bit of that money. I'm sorry that it can't be much much much more. There's no amount of money that could say how much me and the rest of the chivers appreciate what you did for our country. I am a former Air Force Ammo troop who has worked closely with EOD. They are some of the most knowledgable and courageous men that I have ever known. If it wasn't for men like you, I would not be alive today. (Came across a few traveling personnel mines in Afghanistan. Bagram…go figure.)
    Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for our freedom. Thank you.
    Your sacrifice will not go unrecognized.
    Keep calm and soldier on.

  • Nick

    #39 I'm glad as Chiver we were able to make a difference for someone who deserves everybit of it.

  • Jdubya

    #32 can I come fishing with you!?

  • Matt

    #39 Lots of uniformed brothers and sisters pulling for you in Texas, Tyler. Proud to be a Chiver!!!

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #8 I can show you the world!

  • KayakAggie

    #15 Melt them! Melt them with fire!
    #37 and #39 Cheers to all that donated! Gig'em, Chive On and God Bless!

  • Poke4Life

    Need more of the stomach in #19, please!

  • LuvsHorror

    #18 Yes, yes it is.

    • Daniel Tosh

      Chive please don't ever, ever post something about this slutty bitch on this website ever again.

  • skinger

    #19 I am desperate to know what her tat reads. #5 just makes me giggle.

    • mickey

      "I'm a drunken twat"

    • Thekandybandit

      it says,


      sincerely guy failing to pour vodka

      • david

        Thanks bro.

  • BloodScrubber

    #11 Zips in the wire….

  • daddyj

    #39 Taylor thank you very much sir! This is just a little we can do in return for what you gave us sir. you are welcome in GC KS anytime. Drinks are on me that night.

  • Gravitron


    What happened to gravity on the left side of the room?

  • skippy

    Martin Wong has it wright

  • P90

    #24 The only time I've seen someone survive being bombed by the Punisher.

  • JohnD



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