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Yesterday, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD who lost all his limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan. Taylor had always dreamed of having a log cabin on a lake so we asked the Chivers to pitch in the down payment on his dream home. I set the goal at $30,000.

The Chivers smashed the goal in less than an hour. We couldn’t have predicted in the opening minutes of the campaign that the Chivers were, in fact, just clearing their throats.

Many of the early comments read something like, ‘Screw the down payment. Let’s get him the whole cabin instead.’

The donations began to surge. I received an email from a family friend watching Taylor’s donation page. “John, the donations appear to be coming in faster since we hit our goal. How? This is insane!’

Not insane really, just how the Chivers have always rolled. Minutes ago, donations blasted past $200,000… $170,000 more than we asked for.

Taylor’s story is just beginning. The local and national media are now decsending upon the Morris family to help spread his inspirational story and I’ll keep you posted on the new developments. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, you’ve earned it. Donate right here.

Happy Friday, Chivers

John n’ Leo

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  • mattgonzo

    #27 i want one!!!

  • Bob Koontz

    We need more young men like Taylor.

    Outstanding job Chivers!

  • Joe S

    #39 It seems like every dime I've had goes toward my wedding in two weeks, but I can spare a few dimes for these two. Nice job Chive.

  • tyboy

    #32 happy friday to you as well, keep calm and fish on!

  • CMCB

    #14 I'd like to dot that "I"

  • CowboyJack

    Im a big fan of any vet who has served this great country. As a 6'4" guy who rides bulls im seen as a "tough guy". Ill be the first to admit that I cried as i read this amazing story. Definately sending in a donation, i can only hope the donation page is still open next friday I will definately hit it again. This HERO deserves EVERYTHING HE WANTS. We cannot give this man enough to pay for the debt we owe him. My only regret is i cant give more. But i will be telling everyone i know about this. This man deserves to be recognized as so many of our heros do. KCCO brother.

    A Loyal Arizona Chiver,


    #39 Fooking eh!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • TY13R

    It would be nice if we could do this once a week or once a month for our boys in the service that have gotten hurt. Love this site it’s funny it’s sexy and so strong hearted. Chive for life!

  • rocky

    #37 #38 #39 I love the Chive! What happened here was glorious. I was proud to watch how amazing things can happen from a collection of many good people all giving just a little bit of what they can. To Taylor Morris, the words "thank you" can not be said enough or hold a heavy enough weight for what you deserve. To the Chive, well done for bringing the story of this hero to light, stories like these are the ones that need to be told.

  • hafnium10

    #12 Hallelujah.. .a church that understand the message of tolerance … they can't hear the Word if you don't let them in

  • chicago

    #32 awwwww…. blonde, drinks, outdoors, fishing… what a perfect scene. Cheers to you~
    #23 kate upton- must be cloned.

  • Screwdriver

    #39 You sacrificed more then I can imagine……I just hope that you live the rest of you life happy knowing how much what you gave means to people such as myself. You sir, will always have my thanks. BTW…I only gave $20, but would give my left nut if you could get at least one of your limbs back.

  • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

    #19 great idea, failed execution

  • Jameson

    Pretty sure I just over drafted by donating to Taylor. But you cant put a price on the feeling you get from helping such a worthy hero. KCCO!!!

  • Frank

    I wear my KCCO with MAJOR FUCKING PRIDE. Chive, your amazing.. seriously.

  • MartiniSteve

    I was watching the live cam when you guys were doing this. Figured it was some sort of toast to Taylor! Great job guys!

    • MartiniSteve

      OOPS! My mind was thinking about another thing!!!

  • r151

    #5 what does her shirt say?

    • ALYSSA


  • Joe

    #39 I googled Taylor and came across this quote from an article about his ordeal: “There was no fragmentation in the (explosive) device. My face was pretty much untouched. And that’s a moneymaker."

    Humor in the face of all he's been through. I'm in awe.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wayne.oconnell.5 Wayne O'Connell

    #39 Makes me proud to be a Chiver. Fuck Yeah. Mission complete. I think they will have one hell of a nice home now.

  • http://twitter.com/LouElHumano @LouElHumano

    #27 Moonstone as Miss Marvel cosplay by Crystal Garziano http://www.facebook.com/crystalcosfx

  • CharlottesDada

    Ohhh the things I would eat out of Uptons a-hole.

  • Jim

    Now if only the Morris's had t-shirts.

  • toll user

    #12Way to go Maple Ridge!

  • BRAD

    #4 pimpin aint easy!

  • coolaid

    security.. made in '' U asS A '' w t f ..

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