Debunking hipster photos one caption at a time (34 Photos)


    #28 pitch perfect for this post

  • Brian J Castro

    yep laughed too hard at these. but it's friday….

  • dumb

    Lamest post ever

  • drbman

    #9 took me a while but once you see it…it's pretty cool.

  • CJaeger

    hispters = new emo? wtf

  • Reed J

    I wish my grass was emo, so it would cut itself

  • Reed J

    How do you drown a hipster?…… Push em in the Mainstream

  • Reed J

    How did the hipster burn his tongue?…… He drank his coffee before it was cool…. hahaha I loooove hipster jokes

  • SadeShadz

    #12 xD Surprise butt sex!!! Pahahaha!!

  • Shenanigans

    This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while, and I recently saw some drunk homeless people!!

  • Underbaker

    #4 From a married persons point of view, saying something you wish you hadn't can even top being shot or stabbed.

  • Roeshamboe

    #22 was great, well done

  • chicago

    #24 first world problems: unloaded dishwasher, some spoons were mixed with forks, never hear the end of it…

  • dirty toe nail

    as the father of a hipster daughter, I say many thanks Chive.

  • Ron Forster III

    one of the best posts on the chive I have seen in a while…damn hipsters

  • kkgolfer

    Nobody Steps on a church in my town!!! #29

  • Lawrence

    Does anyone else think this is one of the better posts? I actually looks forward to these.

  • yolanda

    #16 is from the chive originally…hmmmm….

  • Gee 2

    #6 Yah, I was recently told that, I wish I could have said, "I'm just a tree." 😀

  • windowlicker

    The Frames #23

  • scooterbump

    #13 I always ask myself that same question when this comes on…

  • ravingmadreader

    #13 is my favorite just because I feel like Train's song lyrics never make any fuckin' sense. (Those happen to be from "Drops of Jupiter."

  • KayakAggie

    #22 lmao, breathing in the ocean sucks ass.

  • vmalnd

    ha ha haha I fucking love these!!!

  • noegod


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