• Lauren

    They needed the money…for Starbucks.

  • HuskerInVegas

    They were going to split the money with their friend the Scarecrow and buy a new brain for each of them. I hope their Parents teach them a lesson. Morons.

  • Gothadhave

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

  • Clay


  • moeshere foxdale

    What the hell happened to theses girls….Good parnets there….STOP HAVING KIDS..

  • f*cktard

    she don't deserve the red hair!!!

  • Maxwell

    I get tons of these girls in the sack for a hundred bucks. They call themselves sugar babys lol. I love stupid young girls that will do anything for money.

    • Desi

      Sooooo. . .Paying them is the only way you can get these girls to have sex with you. Yup. You da man, Maxwell. You da man.

  • Rudy311

    What a piece of work!

  • Armina Frederick

    I really.. really. want to punch these two.

  • John

    Are you kidding me? How proud their parents must be. They have successfully raised a couple of morally bankrupt, ignorant, remorseless skanks. They could care less about robbing 9-year old girls and instead were more concerned with the charges they now have to face. Rarely have I come across two poster children for pure blatant (and clueless) narcissistic stupidity……

    And to think, we're going to think we will be paying for their sorry asses in prison. Dear God!

  • Dante

    Jomama WAY this is real…can't be…it just can't be…

  • Danielle

    wow… seriously?? 'It's not really her money".. i was a girl scout for 10 years, and bitch we worked for that money come cookie time. 'Who doesn't like money?" May she catch the herp, the clap, the crabs, gangrene, etc., and her vagina falls out so that we need not worry about her reproducing.

  • Dailin Hernandez

    This bitch…

  • teffler

    go directly to jail. do not pass go. do not collect $200 of girl scout cookies

  • Dragonaut

    Probably needed the cash to finance their trip to the occupy wall street rally. Typical young people of today. The world owes them for simply existing, and they have no moral qualms about stealing from a child who actually is working toward a goal. That girl scout was probably a rich fatcat who had it coming. Vote Obama!

  • hate and anger

    Fucking dirty mouth breathing CUNTS,the reporter should have buried both of those starbucks cups down their windpipes then grabbed whatever infected organs she could get her hands on on the way back out.It would be the absolute perfect day if I could attend a festival type gathering surrounding these two while they were forced to eat their cell phones with broken teeth from hours of relentless steel toed boot kicks to the mouth, then drink the fuel they purchased,perhaps watch as the other was forced to yank out then consume her precious parasitic infested locks.Finally for an encore the "parents" of these larval abominations would be forced to loving stitch together their offspring's pretty little heads with putrefied animal intestine before placing the barrel of an civil war era big bore gun (the kind ya load with rocks and marbles and shit) against the pretty ones head and blow her brains through the gingers ones skull.Dirty smug little cunts,die!!

  • elizabert49

    This video is 4 years old. This is an update on one of the girls from her most recent conviction.
    She apparently comes from a very wealthy family… Hmm.

  • rob

    why is it illegal for someone to shoot these two??

  • mbd

    kill them, kill them again…then kill the parents who raised them

  • guest

    Hey Chivers, Find Her.

  • AussieMike

    Sadly, these are the types of people that the world associates americans with….

  • guest

    Anyone else find it ironic shes drinking starbucks while saying this?

  • @FoulMouthMedic

    Somewhere along the line their parents failed them.

  • mike

    that is one sad story. they want money so bad they might make good hookers. no wait , eventually they would just start robbing their tricks. i am thankful that is not one of my kids. i dont know what else to say.

  • thegrass

    well thought out, you must be very proud of your GED, I know I'm proud of you!

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