Nothing says you spend too much time on the internet like a meme cake (24 Photos)

  • P-Willy


  • Littlet

    #20 — it really is my brother Matthew's birthday! Happy Birthday bro! KCCO!

    • cleojones


    • ichive

      Stupid really. Now Chive is stealing from membase.


    #1 There some people I know that could get this cake.

    • Shant1k

      this cake must've been sitting in the fridge for the past 3-4 years

  • GeeGonkey!


  • dylan

    i like cake

    • ckron247

      I like turtles.

    • dylanb89

      2 people don't like me liking cake 😐

  • sfb101

    #11 and #12 Awesome

  • echogeo

    That is pretty funny.

    • The Woim

      I am goin to get a divorce and re-marry in order to get a cake like this. Or maybe I should just renew my vows….nah! I've laminated my man card and everything! Can't lose it now.

    • Vent187

      Getting married in a couple weaks. Better top the wedding cake with that.

  • KCCO Freak

    Nice! Awesome Cakes!
    Thanks Chive for Claiming Rights to Images done by me! Content Review My A$$ you claim to own everything!

    • jimstarswagg


    • truth

      I just checked and yep…nobody cares. Eat some cake and stfu!

      • Tru Chiver

        i care. get some original content.

        • MaceOfBass

          Are you fucking kidding? This is the internet, NOTHING is original

      • ichive

        I care. Fuck off asshole

  • mikey

    #8 probably the most clever of the bunch…….

  • melissa

    i want cake

    • Allison

      No you don't. You're already a fat whore…cake will just make you fatter…and subsequently more of a whore.

  • MarthaJeane

    #11 Why not use a real poptart?

  • eXeq

    Awesome cakes!

  • Bradyized

    #8 hahaha awesome

  • @xXMarcellusXx

    #16 HAHAHAHAH.. Ha… hum..

    • Vent187

      That one is really well made.

    • @laurentaryn

      That is both really awesome, and really mean. This dude/chick has some really great friends!

    • panko

      I'm guessing he made that cake himself…

  • Tatiana Campuzano

    #13 i would… haha awesome

  • ChiveWYO

    #18 So how the fuck do you eat it??

  • AtlanataBurning

    Fuckin' A. Cakes

  • Justin Yablonski

    #22 is awesome!

  • Ricky_Ross

    #13 Don't think my wife would have approved if I suggested this as our cake topper

    • Random

      Then you need to find a new wife!

    • amrith777

      OR….you need to order a "Forever Alone" cake just before your suggestion…as a back-up 😉

    • SodaBoda

      my wife already said no…. lol

  • ale

    #24 Anything with sean bean on it, is awesome.

  • etcrr

    #23 true story

    • 4098

      it's not a story, dumbass.

    • yup

      fuck you

      • etcrr

        Though it takes zero intelligence to tell me "fuck You" I have to admire your perseverance. Though I have to tell you if you and the trolls left me alone, I probably would have left the site already.
        However since you are bound and determined to fuck with me I stay just to piss you off.

        So while you have brain the size of a Nat trying thinking about how you want to handle that tid bit of information

        • windowlicker

          fuck you

          • yup

            etcrr…you mad bro…fuck you

            • Dr_Fap

              "I not even angry with your stupidity". Classic etcrr line.

          • etcrr

            Wow more intelligence so impressive NOT

            • yup

              Take a hint and fuck off! the chive community wants you out…fuck you!

        • Bill57

          lol your right stan i like the part where you say his brain is the same size as that big dumb stupid guy Nat cause Nat is dumb and has a small brain then you tell him to start trying thinking about using that information. very funn great post

        • meh


        • ichive

          Fuck you

          Happy douche?

          btw, its gnat and it wouldn't be capitalized.

  • fetts

    so much trolling going on here

  • junior

    why aren't there any africian americian memes…is the internet racist?

  • KO617

    #8 probably the funniest adaptation of the Pedo thus far on the intertubes.

  • SadeShadz

    #6 I feel bad, but I laughed >.<
    #11 Awesome ♥

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