Nothing says you spend too much time on the internet like a meme cake (24 Photos)

  • Hahaha

    #23 is the best one

  • G-Unit

    #24 My sis is turning 23 in a few weeks and I had no idea for a cake

    Thanks Chive 🙂

  • MattKL

    Torn between #8 and #15.

  • Bob

    #11…Why not just use a real poptart??

    • yup

      Why not read previous comments? Just kidding. KCCO!

  • CZDR73


  • Drake

    #14 mmmmm, cake and Cuban Rum Punches!!!


    They're all winners in my book! #16 is especially close to my heart since it happens every year

  • Ben


    You have a genius child if they are 8 and into Portal…

  • pablo

    #18 you do not eat chuck norris cake, chuck norris cake eats you.

  • Dawn Melton

    #4 and #24! Nothing but awesomeness!

  • Brian DeWolff

    Thank you! I now have a crazy idea for my buddy's birthday. Let's see how he likes a spam face on his cake.

  • Charly C

    excellent cakes and there is no doubt that memes have become an icon of our times

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