Cat Saturday (36 Photos)

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  • Megan

    #25 Aw, i want one!

  • Acheron Stray

    Translations about Sleipnir being Odin's "horse" were apparently incorrect.

  • NurseBug

    I need #20, my cat steals jewelry. People need to warned.

  • Veronica

    #12 its love they said.

  • Anonymous

    #31 Anyone else notice the bottle of lube??

  • Mexigun

    #31 Anyone else notice the bottle of lube in the shower??

  • Fuck

    Does anyone else hate the stupid cat voice spelling " I iz a kat" crap? How do you know cats don't think in proper English?

    • Worf

      Why does it have to be English? Why not Hebrew or Farsi? Or even Klingon?

      • cicadetta

        Or Ancient Egyptian?

        • tapsnapornap

          Or cat?

    • TheJCG

      It's the retarded fucks that like cats that are that fucking stupid.

  • BloodScrubber

    #32 Kids will be great, they said. They will complete you, they said. My ass.;)

  • freddy boy

    Hi, my name is Freddy Boy and I'm a recovering Cat Saturday Hater.

  • TommyB

    I'm terribly allergic to cats but really like Caturday….

    • Josh

      Ah, I see what you did there.

  • Sal

    #13 The agents have changed something

    • Brian

      There is no kitty litter.

  • fletchernoreen

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  • cicadetta

    #6 I have never attempted to walk a cat on a leash, but I imagine this is accurate. At least with my cat.

  • uh...yeah.

    Boo cats. Come on chive, you're better than this.

  • kitty_karloso

    #8 How is #8 doing a handstand on his cat?

    • Duh.

      He's hanging from something, and holding his cat.

  • Margaret


    Greetings earthling, take me to your tuna.

  • Patrick


    Now drop and give me 20!

  • AceWheels

    To the people that don't like Caturday get over yourselves and remember KCCO.

  • Katie Davis



  • TheJCG

    Fuck you Mac, you worthless cunt.

  • Jkeester

    Random pictures of elephants taking a shit would be equally entertaining as cat saturday

    • tapsnapornap

      Yeah but those are way harder to come by, not everyone has an elephant. The logistics of a weekly post would be a little daunting.

  • DunlapClaree

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  • Axy

    I iz hatez dis biby tak. Knock it off already!

  • Oregon_country

    #1 Put all the catnip in the bag, no questions just do it.

  • Bob

    #26 rubs me the right way. I'm just a sucker for cats.

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