Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 Photos)

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  • guthrie

    #13 lovely humps ladies

    • Bitches be hoes

      Tramp stamps…enough said

      • 9833

        yep. obviously chivettes.

      • iheartboobs

        A crucifix tramp stamp too… dumb!

    • Kodos

      saying what.. "this end up"?

    • Kodos

      agreed; find those humps

    • Kodos

      and find me some sex. i'm sick of fapping it to Redtube

  • khyzer

    #17 Wife material

  • BigFatal

    #4 mmm scissor

    • echogeo

      Commence kissing in…3…2…1…

    • Eban

      What's going on here?
      Sure, I've got a few minutes, let's see how this plays out.

    • Bort

      Scissor me timbers!!!

      • Gursch

        scissor me xerces.

        • moses


          • Gursch

            you clearly haven't watched south park a day in your life. so we must be fags.

            • moses

              yep. now hop on your motorcycle and get out of here. fag.

              • Gursch

                touche, you fuckin' prick

    • Dusty

      Scissors have more meat on their bones than these girls.

  • Dutch

    Hot mail order brides in the middle of nowhere

  • Mat Skaggs

    Can we fast forward about 10 minutes?

    • WTHnigga

      Damn little girl. You're horny….you look to small to even type. Go back to

  • Elad

    #2 is a 10+

    • justsaying

      Holy shit the bridge is hot!

    • Orcslayer

      Stella Marie
      but be careful. she's not the only one named so….

      • Ned Ryerson

        wow, was not expecting that. this one is a smoke show. the other…..blew my fucking mind….in the most awful way ever.

    • Montana

      Lucky tattoo artist out there somewhere.

    • bill

      Sorry, you must have missed the ink stain and jr. sized bewbs… 8.5 tops

      • Mischievous

        Beauty indeed!

      • Notme

        I'm okay with the Jr. sized bewbs

      • Olivier Martinez

        agreed. 8.5 sounds about right.

      • yeah

        Yep, not a fan of the paragraph written on her ribs, or pussy tats. Breasts like a 13 yr old too… other than that…GORGEOUS!

        • Dawgfan

          I'd like to do my beak at licking the ink off for sure.

    • humblemonkey

      number 2, I'd love to make you number 3

    • Max7049

      Moar moar moar!!!!

    • Shawny

      I couldn't get to the rest of the pictures. I just stared with jaw resting on floor. Yummmy

  • Guesty

    #4 #13 Now kiss

  • wrenchs10

    #4 and#13 NOW KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Allen

    How do paste pics with numbers from iPhone?

    • B Dub

      Are you asking how to put the pics in your comments? If so, just type number sign then the number without spaces, usually followed by a witty comment…. #13 mmmm tushies…

      • David Allen


      • Fabe chart

        She is far past smokin hot

  • Cali_Dude

    #2 Am I just out of touch, or does it a crime for a work of art like this lady to be marked up with graffiti?

    • Slightlykrazy

      You're out of touch.

    • Child Please

      You must hate Cali ha

    • bigfoot

      You're 100% correct. It's unfortunate how often it happens, though.

      • Mischievous

        Tattoos are an expressionate art form. I feel sorry for those too ignorant to appreciate it. I love seeing a beautiful woman with amazing tattoos.

        • bill

          That's clever, call those that that don't agree with me, " Ignorant". I must be "ignorant" for I prefer silky smooth tan skin to some sponge bob or random japanese kanji tat. Some call it an art form
          some call it vandalism. On a beautiful woman such as this, it's vandalism and you are ignorant if you think otherwise. (your logic, not mine)

          • JAFitC

            Well played, sir.

          • MasterFlash

            But she doesn't have some random spongebob or japanese writing tattoo. Most people get tattoos because they want something on them permanently that is inspirational or meaningful to them. Some tattoos are idiotic, but when they have purpose and meaning, and they remind people of something or someone who inspires them to be better and live life to its fullest, whats to hate?

            • 9833

              "inspires them to be better and live life to its fullest"

              they need a tattoo for that?

            • Ronald Mcdonald

              how do you know? for all you know it could be a the menu from Burger King…..

            • Randy

              When she gets to 50 how good is that tat going to look then. You'll have to pull skin just to be able to read the thing.

              • its_forge

                People who get tattoos have weighed that and decided they're okay with it. Who the fuck are we to tell them what to do with their bodies?

                • Grewsome

                  I call bullshit on you, sir.

                  I agree that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, but there's enough anecdotal evidence to show that many people who get tattoos NEVER think about the future. Maybe she has. Maybe she hasn't. It would be interesting to find out 30 years from now.

                • bill

                  You are correct sir, we will not tell them what to do with their bodies, that is their choice. However, I do have a choice as to whether I like or dislike their decision, and that is the point of this forum.

              • 8------o

                U can barely read it now.

              • voltviking

                Newsflash, she won't think your too hot when your 50 either. So who gives a fuck.

            • Toro

              In case they have absolutely no visualisation skills or memory for the matter too! But each to their own opinion right.

        • Miz-tig

          Sorry ladies. But I have never seen a woman made more beautiful by a tattoo … No matter how exquisite the artwork, it always distracts from her natural beauty.

    • 3syxes

      Its not graffiti its art graffiti is intended to defile her ink commpliments her body this is art

    • Guest

      It's hardly a crime. Her ink makes her even more of a 10+

      • Teddy Roosevelt

        no. i'm sick of seeing those same prints on the same place. get some damn originality, people.

    • Calikush

      Grafitti IS ART….one of most pure forms of self exspession there is.. And thee only art form created by youth I think ever.. Just sayin

    • Maynard B.

      I couldn't agree more. Tattoos are nasty and detract from a woman's beauty. We at The Chive are always sounding off about "natural women", without makeup, fake breasts, etc. Ink is even worse. It's gross

    • freddy boy

      At the gut level, I agree with you. I try to enjoy them but admit I'm put off my game by their tats. At the same time, I am troubled with the acceptance we men receive with tats. Perhaps everyone knows we are more homely so tats go with the territory. Just sayin'.

    • its_forge

      Depends on the dame and the ink. This one totally gets away with it.

    • chubby

      I agree with you, it's like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

  • Desi


    A young Sigourney Weaver?

    • Saskguy26

      i'm thinking closer to Summer Glau. Either way hot.

  • Blow Up Doll


    What's that on her side, washing instructions?

    • Colin

      Proper sandwich construction technique, a must need for all women

    • Tom

      She did'nt reed the "tits will shrink when washed on 40°"… 🙂

      • helloooooo nurse

        i would still play with those puppies

    • FLHRS

      I don't think it is washing instructions. Maybe a menu.

  • Cali_Dude

    #4 #13 A new theme post Hot Girls in the Middle of Each Other?

    • Schnizz

      I like where these are headed!

  • TJisThatGuy

    Pretty soon they're going to have to start calling this post just "Girls in the middle of nowhere" They get less hot each time.

    • Lotus

      It's Mac's horrible taste, the girls he posts are very generic. Staring at wafer-thin models in the woods gets old.

    • Sorbic

      I'm sure you would eagerly do almost every one of them if given the chance.

  • Salvador Carmona

    #2 is fucking gorgeous.

    • its_forge

      Yup, she's a complete genetic lottery winner all right. = )

  • moondoggy13

    #7 #24 gotta love a girl that keeps her heels on in the middle of nowhere

    • Al Bondigas

      About time someone recognized #7

    • longshot421

      Hahahahaha! Thinking the same. I love a woman who knows the importance of sexy shoes while camping.

      Both these ladies are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Slightlykrazy

    #2 who is that? Dear god.

  • BenB

    #2 wow

    • bill

      omg #2 she is so freakin hot.need moar of her.yummy,yummy,lick

  • mike

    13 = AWESOME

    • RichMahogany


  • keep portland weird

    #2 Does anyone know where she got this bikini? WANT.

    • Cho

      Dorset ay?

    • Jake

      It's "Keep Austin Weird" you patchouli wearing northerners can't take our Texas motto.

      • keep portland weird

        Maybe we can share it? 🙂

      • Texas Blows

        Texas blows donkey chunks you hick.

    • troy

      want the girl inside the bikini please

  • leen

    #1 leave me while i make out with this tree

    • Kodos

      "treekisser"?.. better than garden-variety treehugger.

    • Name

      leaf her alone!!

    • MunMun$

      Looks like poison sumac.

    • StarznSkullz

      Yea… this pic is awkward. She's either weirdly in love with the tree, or she's sniffing something off of it. Either way, they've got a special bond that should just be left alone.

  • RichMahogany

    #7 #10


    • Slim Jim

      please find #7

  • Memo

    #17. Find her. Is my future wife

    • mickey

      …I don't think she will make it to your basement past your Mom…

  • bakdoorsmash

    #9 do not want pointy elbows

    • tatsRhot

      WTF? You lost me… pointy elbows?

  • muddles

    very decent. need to raise the bar

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