And father of the year goes to this man for building an AT-AT bed for his kids (13 Photos)

  • Mikeg01sf

    Bums sleep in those every night in oakland. True story

  • JustSayin

    Awesome bed, but why not go the extra 10 feet and paint it appropriately?

  • imbizzle

    Wheres the pic of him realizing he has to now take it all apart to get it in the room? Doh!!

  • echogeo

    And when the kid needs a time out? "Go to your roo…ahh, go sit at the kitchen table."

  • Mandalor


  • B.Kenobi

    Or, you know, we could give the Father of the Year award to the guy who donated a kidney to his dying daughter. . .

  • Chim Richels

    It's clear none of you guys have kids. This kid, unfortunately, will tire of the 'Star Wars' phase in about a month and then move on to the next thing. Sucks, but it happens.

    Also, you don't see the pics of the wife yelling at the husband because a) he spent tons of time on it, when he could have/should have been helping her with the kids (trust me, this is shit a wife says), b) it's got a lot of sharp edges (not rounded corners) that the kid (and his friends) will get hurt on and c) changing the sheets is going to be a complete bitch with that thing.

    Very cool, but wives do that shit.

    • Angela Nelson

      My son has loved star wars for years hasn't outgrown it yet. Kids get hurt on a regular bed by jumping on it this bed eliminates that. Not all wives are bitchy

    • Otter

      The kid will tire of Star Wars within a month? Are you serious? I'm far from a Star Wars fan, but Star Wars is the type of thing that stick with you throughout much of your life. The kid will probably be into Star Wars for the next 8 years or so (based on his age in the pic). He may outgrow the bed and not care as much about Lego Star Wars sets, but it will be an underground passion for him from then on.

      The real issue is the inability to close the door, the parents having to duck every time they enter the room, and yes, changing the sheets (we have loft beds for our kids and even with those my wife bitches about changing the sheets)

  • Chopsaw

    Kül bed. I plan on building one that looks like a castle for my spoiled brat lol, and think he probably lost track of the real number of hours spent building it. If he's like most married men that was 60 hours of doing what HE planned, so it was worth it of his kids tire of it in a month….

  • AlbusQ

    Way to go DAD!!!

  • Ron

    I bow to the coolest dad ever!

  • Jeff

    Awesome, but one question… how did he get that thing into the bedroom?

  • Christopher Soong

    Just awesome

  • Phil

    WTF CHIVE with this looping commercial????????sell outs.

  • Matt Johnson

    Best. Dad. Ever.

  • Dan


  • MIster manner


  • Dennis

    He's a good dad but I'd say the father of the year goes to the guy who died saving his 4 year old from the rip tide.

  • Applefish

    It's all fun, until they tie up its legs, and it falls on its face.

  • kylecali

    Where exactly on the AT-AT is that window?

  • 2 Moon Press

    I am interested to know how the heck he got it up in the bedroom. I want one for my offices here…

  • cmo

    I want to have sex with a girl dressed like slave leia in this bed.

  • red

    i will be packing up my father of the year coffee cup and sending it your way.. i dont deserve it

  • Mr. Los

    I'm a grown man, and I want one.. To legit!!

  • IMHO

    It's like an investment – when that kid is ready for university, this thing will pay for a chunk when it hits eBay.

  • Tim

    Has kids, ignores them…or will

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