And father of the year goes to this man for building an AT-AT bed for his kids (13 Photos)

  • George Lucas

    My lawyers will be in touch.

  • moeshere foxdale

    Right on man….great job for the good dads of this world…

  • I<3RedHeds!!!!!!

    I'm inspired to build something for my daughters now!

  • Ninja

    wrong! I’d still kill for this bed.

  • Shogun75

    Yes, he "built if for his kids"… Just like my dad had to "test out" all our toys before we got to play with them!


  • Kareem Onyaface

    Doesn't really fit…. BUT awesome none the less

  • l0vebug76

    Love it! Can you make me one too?

  • Greg

    Well, Star Wars is a classic that is still watched by millions all over the world, has some of the most recognized characters ever created, is still well-known and remembered 35 years later by people who *don't* watch the movies, redefined an entire movie genre, in many ways changed the way movies are made and merchandised, and began the work of Industrial Light and Magic, which still innovates in the field of special effects. The Sandlot… isn't.

  • DrtBkeChivette

    Sweet sweetness

  • HighfiveTJ

    Paint me green and call me Jealous, that is too cool! KCCO and may the force be with you

  • Emporer Palpatine

    A real man would have built a Death Star…

    • Grammar Police

      A real Emperor would know how to spell his own title…

  • Emperor Penguin

    A real Emperor lives on Hoth and eats fish…

    • Deadliest Catch

      A real fisher doesn't catch fish at all, … they catch crabs!

      • VD MASTER!

        Crabs isn't the deadliest catch… AIDS is!

        • Concerned

          AIDS isn't funny you jerk…

          • Jared

            South Park said it is! (see: Jared from Subway has AIDS)

  • D.j. Simons

    Very kool!! Shows this Man really LOVE, S his kid's. Props ta ya bro.

  • Eternal Ruler

    There was still one picture missing, the final one:

  • http://R2d2 Chewbacca


  • Nathaniel Q Drake

    This is too cool! Lucky kid to have a dad like him. I can say that I did my share of do it yourself when I installed my garage door remote control. Very useful every time I go late!

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