Celebrating the last day of school — Italian style (45 Photos)

  • Luca

    That didn't happen in my days, around 15 years ago: we only used a lot of water, on everybody. You shall realise that the final exams are harder with 25-30 Celsius degrees in the class, and you absolutely need some cold water to cool down (and to check out that girl with a wet t-shirt 🙂
    Obviously, no fat kids, and no alcohol (because they are educated at having fun without being pissed drunk).

  • anon

    Itsa me….. Mario!

  • James

    In America I was actually beaten and punished for getting involved in a food fight involving one tatter-tot and a used ice cream cup lid I wish them well.

  • kidn


    come at me bro!

  • wtsy

    this could have easly been shortened to 15 pics

  • https://www.facebook.com/gilsheritage Nick Gilbert

    We do something similar here in Australia…muck up day we call it. People get disgusting things like fish guts and old milk and throw over other people….fun shit!

  • http://twitter.com/MathijsBaert @MathijsBaert

    they do that everywhere in Europa
    although where i live (Belgium) we do it 100 days before the end of high school

  • liberalcure

    We did this the last day of my 8th grade year back in 1984. Socks filled with flour, throwing eggs, ice cream, etc….. In Indiana no less…..

  • Bernie

    Why are there no really obese kids in Italy? I didn't see anyone with more than just a extra pound or two. Compare that to here in the U.S. Maybe they play more soccer than video games.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.derringer Jason Andrew Derringer

      Italian tends to have less saturated fats in their diet than the average American. This means Italians typically eat more seafood and dishes prepared with olive oil. Additionally, Italians usually consume less red meat than the average American. Even at Mcdonald's in Italy, you won't see an option for a super-size Big Mac meal, and the soft drink size is what typically would be considered a "kid" size soft drink in the United States.

  • merica4life

    In Merica, when we do that , we go to jail!! No fun for our kids!!


    #9 find Harrr!


      In about 10 years time.

  • MrMav

    #9 should burn her bra & show the Chivers her gap

  • grey

    dirty wet teens. is all that came to mind

  • Mike

    It seems like the Italians are fans of Dazed and Confused

  • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

    when in Rome…

  • jbb

    Italian girls are hot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638231410 Josh Dory

    When I was in Italy and wanted to find another American, I just looked for fat people. Worked every time.

  • Mehoff Jack

    #13,#30 Looks like the tough guy lost that exchange.

  • drbman

    #32 i'm so moving to Italy!

  • WaxOn

    Dear Italy,

    You may wish to strongly consider firing your representatives here in the States. Especially those found in clubs and trendy bars. They give a false, douchey impression on your people. Also, spread the word to Portugal and Armenia.

    • fabio

      No, I disagree sir. What they do is to give a douchey impression to themselves, not to an entire country.
      Is like I would consider every americans fatty and ignorant. It's just a stereotype.
      Stereotypes are easier, but not useful.

  • Majestic12

    #13 Looks like Edward Cullen getting flour bagged by Harry Potter

  • https://www.facebook.com/Emaly.Munguia Emaly S. Munguia

    Is it just me or are all of them strangely good looking? when I was in school, it was like 4-5 people where good looking and the rest could do with some face shellacking..I wish I went there..

  • Rye

    Yay let's waste enough food to feed a village in Africa for a week….lame

    • Woop

      Throwing eggs and flour is wasting food? How about the mountains of extra food that American restaurants heap on every day of the year to sell as "extra value" and then throw out because no one except for the morbidly obese could ever eat it. It's all relative and by pointing out extreme cases to compare with, you just look like a self righteous granola eating douche.

  • P.Cheese


    And here we have the only Italian kid to actually graduate with a brain. . .

    • Luca

      clearly you are not italian: his mom told him to do that, because she doesn't want to clean the clothes from flour, eggs and ketchup 🙂

    • Brian

      More like the only douche bag missing the whole point.

  • dominantone

    notice no fatties. not merica

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