Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • da goober


  • https://www.facebook.com/allanreyesphoto Allan Reyes

    Please be a first time chivette again. Please… MOAR!!!

  • nate

    What is 23

  • Sweet

    19. Greatest recruiting poster ever!

  • manowarz

    #26 Because the former is an awesome action movie, while the latter is just gay.

  • Jawbone

    #42 Your trailer park parents must be so proud.

  • BChivette22

    Unless im looking at something incorrectly…im questioning the drastically different body type in the mirror reflection behind her

  • albert

    more of black girl in #3 and more of #22 and #35 stole my heart

  • London

    #9. Bar Louie? I work there in little rock. Rock the tot on Thursday.

  • Mikerhinos

    That awkward moment when you realize that you can buy everything with money : surgery for a new youth, computers and DJs to modify and enhance your crappy voice etc…

  • qui que

    #5 was starring at this for like 10 mins then I realize there's a cat in the pic!!! WTF

  • qui que

    #35 VERY SEXY SMILE!!!!

  • sureman123

    #19 #19
    you asked for one… what is wrong with you…..how bout 50 more please…

  • LovetheLadies

    #5 Cue the "two bewbs & a pussy" comment. And DONE!

    #19 Thank you for your service and for the "services that your body performs"!!!

  • TheReal3D

    #5 ummm…I think you mean "puss & booty" don't you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.munn.9 James Munn

    #35 MOAR PLEASE!!! 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/cjdegrave @cjdegrave

    I am stocking up on kick ass zombie gear ready for this zombie apocalypse! :p

  • tehbox

    #21 How freaking sad is it that those are the cutest dogs in the world and all im trying to do is figure out what World of Warcraft class that person is playing on the PC……its a druid btw

  • http://twitter.com/J_M_J @J_M_J

    #31 and so AIDS begun

  • Chiver719

    well hey there #22, come here often? haha

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #30 …please let there be a 2nd …and a 3rd …and a 4th …and a . . . . . . . .

  • McLovin

    #13 a motorboat with a happy ending!

  • Not a seagull

    He is still alive & fine… not sure about the seagull though. This happened a few days ago during the Isle of Man TT Races

    • Brandon

      It hit Ian Hutchinson, seagull survived but it had a broken wing. Well, might have died now.

  • Moar

    #33 so hot, moar!

  • Sean

    #37 In about 5 and a half months, Alevtina is going to look a lot hotter.

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