It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (26 Photos)

  • Dibdy

    #26 that is all

    • Kellie

      It's photo-shopped so poorly, it's almost painful.

  • Dan

    #8 Yes it is. Just don't marry them.

    • Livin' Legend

      Or let them know where you live.

    • Biggus Diccus

      It's worth it for a couple months, but after you've had the threesomes and butt sex it gets pretty old.

      • DaddyD

        For you, maybe.

      • Alison

        Shut up Nathan, we all know you were lying about getting that BJ.

    • savagecabbage

      amen brother. they're always the filthiest. Now i resent normal chicks cos they're shit in bed. Didn't think it was possible but there is such a thing as a bad blowjob

      • Underbaker

        So you got it stuck in the Vacuum again?

      • Uhhh..

        The dreaded tooth scrape. It hurts just thinking about it.

    • Matt

      Some of the best damn sex i've had is from the crazies ones. Getting away in the end is a toughy though.

  • Josh

    #26 Yup. I'm motivated.

    • bakdoorsmash


    • savagecabbage

      Yeah motivated to rub one out

  • Dan

    #21 Ewww!!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Somewhere out there…someone is thinking:
      "I'd like to Play HER 'Harp"

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        That somewhere is right here.

    • Frank

      Just umm, out of curiosity… Where might someone find this, and do I get a discount if I buy 5?

    • Wraend

      This was in fact offered as an item on Etsy, though it seems it was taken down by the admins. I found out about it on a website called Regretsy, which reposts auctions from Etsy that are strange or stupid. The article about it on Regretsy is called "My Little Yoni".

      And no, I'm not a brony at all, this picture was just so mind-blowing, I just HAD to find out if it was a real thing.

  • Brian Johnson

    #24 I like my Jesus purple flavor

    • Matt

      That was seriously funny! If we get to have roommates in Hell, I hope that you'll consider me.

    • Hugh

      I love that purple is a flavour. 🙂

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      You are going to burn in hell

      • Saskguy26

        and you're riding shotgun on the way down

      • JESSE

        That's cool. As long as you leave us alone about it while we're still alive.

      • Underbaker

        Nah, I hear he is a forgiving dude that likes to joke around and party.

    • socalmarti

      Can I get an urange?!!?

  • echogeo

    It's not the height I'm afraid of, it's the fall.

    • Ned Ryerson

      it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop at the end.

    • TheBAMFinater

      No, it's the sudden stop at the bottom.

      • echogeo

        My heart would stop from the fright. That, or I'll bounce off the side of the cliff a few times on the way down.

    • marcfitz0528

      It's not the fall that kills you…its that damn sudden stop at the end.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      It's not hitting the ground at terminal velocity, it's my bones crunching

    • Spanky

      More afraid of the work it would take to get there

    • Shawny

      Why youll only fall once.

  • SolidusSnake420

    Boobs speak? #26

  • F.You

    SECOND!!!!! Now thumbs down me bitches!

    • Hugh

      So much LOL, so little time.

      • F.You

        I have more thumbs up than you. So there. :p

        • Luka. M

          If I weren't writing this from my prison library I would rape you "F.You"

  • chicago

    #24 dude on a cross, Nailed it…

    • Jak

      I see what you did there…

    • Jeremy Warren

      I didnt I think I had a one way ticket straight to hell, but after laughing at that, I'm sure I've just secured my seat on the bus.

      • T.Devil

        We have direct flight now.

  • Jdjie

    Dear Chive,

    Your mobile site sucks BALLS!


    • Carp

      You sir, suck balls.

      • you sir are a fag

        "You, sir…"
        "I see what you did there."
        blah blah blah

        A lot of Chivers are cool, but the ones who speak the Chive lingo are a bunch of fags.

        • Hethethet

          And 'fag' is such a cool word to use, right? Make you feel like a real man and all that?

          • Greygore

            doesn't change the fact he's right.

        • Jilly

          100% agreed.

    • carpet

      your phone and your mom suck balls

      • Jdjie

        My phone has a bad battery and my mom died of breast cancer. Don't you feel like an ass hat. Schmuck.

        • G.Reaper

          Yeah. Right. Dead mother. Uh-huh. Pics or it didn't happen.

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          Don't claim to be upset that your mother died while continuing to cut new fuck-holes into her corpse every Tuesday. It's just unseemly.

          • Simon Cowell

            trying too hard.

          • thorthechiver

            alright farva calm down

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    A lot of repeats….Step up your game, Chive….or if you're gonna do repeats,
    how about repeating #18 instead of #26.

    • Indiana Chive Fan

      Damn! #26 instead of #18 I mean!

    • you sir are a fag

      You're gonna get bombarded with thumbs-down because Chivers don't allow any grace for a mistake.

      To top it off, be prepared to hear the old, "you know how we know you're gay?" comments along with a few, "Sure…you know you meant you like #18 and that #26 pales in comparison."

      Don't let the Chivers get you down, Indiana! A lot of Chivers are cool. A lot of Chivers are a bunch of followers who can't think for themselves. Don't worry about it.
      Just make sure next time you take your time before clicking 'Submit Comment'

      • idgf

        know how I know you don't have any friends?

        • elihpodep

          what are you, 5 years old?

  • echogeo

    Can we have this made into a bumper sticker please?

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Or enforceable by law?

  • DavidSteven

    #8 Yes.

    • Sean

      Well put.

    • stumpy

      Just be sure to avoid getting romantically involved with that crazy chick at all costs. No matter how amazing the sex is, it isn't worth ending up like John Wayne Bobbitt.

  • echogeo

    I see three boobs.

    • noegod


    • Guest1000000000000

      He looks like he belongs in LMFAO

  • SadeShadz

    #21 Huh?

  • Josh

    #8 -married to one, sex is totally worth it, and I've knocked 3 seconds off my 40 time

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Pics or it didn't happened

      • mike

        And he's talking about the 40 time

  • ThePad

    I like tits and bacon and peanut butter and tits. and bacon.

  • LucretiusCarus

    #19 Also 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps' and 'Something'

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      And 'Baby Got Back'

    • thedude325

      'Ice Ice Baby'. Pretty sure that was him too.

      • thom

        Didn't this guy, Bob Dylan, co-write Boyfriend too?

        • Always Last

          I'm pretty sure it was Friday, not Boyfriend……

  • Matt

    #20 That's Awesome

  • Mandalor

    #8 so long as you hide the knives, you bet your sweet ass it is.

  • Joshua Sammy

    #8 damn right it is! Just keep them away from your house!

  • chip"themeat"hayes

    Boy that Andrea Boccelli can really sing.

  • daddy john

    #9… WHAAAAT?? The Chive is for hot chicks, not these good for nothing skanks. Shame on you..

    • Dipply

      kinda sick of these fugly fame whores myself. no makeup= holy fuck, KILL IT!

    • USF Bull Rugger

      Did you even read the caption on the photo?? Your point was kinda the same point as the "motivational poster's" point….

      • Allentown

        A motivational poster motivating you to be a worthless slag? I'm confused. Not actually, most of these are not motivational at all.

    • Brett

      Who are they?

    • djp

      The tall one is a cross between a Wookie and Bigfoot, although she didn't get the strong facial features.

      • Brett

        Although your reply was hilarious, I still don't know who they are

  • Devil

    #26 boobs speak? damn it no man well ever be happy now

  • Randy

    #17 is lifted from The Oatmeal with a lame caption and not even a photo credit. Not cool. I don't blame Chive, but it's only righr to give credit where it's due.

    • KC Reichelt

      shutup Randy. Its monday, nobody needs your crap

    • Craig K

      I don't see why Randy's post was given any thumbs down. This has actually happened several times on theChive where content was posted without credit being given to the creator. I like coming to theChive but it's getting dangerously close to becoming ebaumsworld in how it watermarks some of it's images.

      Many of the creators of webcomics that get co-opted for use on other sites don't mind it so long as they get credit. Check out for more info.

      How would this community feel if some large charitable organization took credit for helping the Dad win the Space competition; or helping the family build the special room for their daughter with the rare disorder who doesn't know she's hurting herself; or more recently, helping the military EOD guy who lost all his limbs buy his dream log cabin?

      I'm aware that theChive team can't know everything about all of their submissions, but don't vote down a commenter for pointing out where content originated from. Otherwise you might as well vote down every comment in the "Find Her" galleries.

      • Cantaloupe

        The fact that this got thumbs down depresses me. Apparently intellectual property is too complicated an idea for people to give a shit about it.

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          I thumbed you down because your message didn't include the word 'bacon' or a reference to any of the attractive women in the post.

          OK, I didn't thumb you down. It is pretty depressing. The Oatmeal is good shit.

        • Hmm

          You seem to be under the impression that these are intelligent people who care about things like this. I'm not sure where you got that idea. They typically don't have any thoughts beyond beer, cool gadgets and wishing they could touch a real vagina. (or the desire to show off their real vagina, in the case of chivettes) It's all about bringing together the best of the internet here at the Chive.

      • Randy

        Thanks Craig (and others) for backing me up on this and supporting the fine people working hard in the Internet Comedy mines. I just started coming to this site recently, and the awesome people the Chive seems to attract definitely drew me in. It's very heartening to see people stick up for doing the right thing, even though it might seem small compared to raising $230,000 in what…like, 14 minutes?? People like The Oatmeal bring actual funny to the Internet through their hard work, dedication, and borderline unhealthy obsession with Nikola Tesla, and it's a damn shame that some people can rip them off or not credit them (which is a silent implication that YOU created something) and still look at their ugly cow-butt faces in the mirror.

        That said, I took a few minutes on my original post to do my best to not sound like I was reporting a quintuple homicide. On a site that must get thousands and thousands of emails/photos a day, I totally understand that it becomes near impossible to check and credit everything. But if that's the case, I'll happily point out someone's work so they get the credit, and others should too. That way a great site like Chive WON'T end up a cesspool of shady like ebaums, and awesome artists will be encouraged to share their work with us.

        Oh, and KC? You shut up. It's Monday for everyone, and you don't see us crying about it. KCCO.

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