Keep your monday sporty with sports bras (20 Photos)

  • Dwigt


    • nyc917

      You Said 20 pictures but there's only 19…Chive you owe us one more!!!

      • Tom

        Why does he get a thumbs down for that?

        • huskernut

          sports bra's should be outlawed…all bra's need to be outlawed except for grand mothers and older 🙂

          • woo-hoo

            why the thumbs down? hes making a legit statement about women not having to wear bras. . . Ur all Gay!!

    • bheld

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Fit chicks!! We need more of these posts!! #6 and #17 are so hot!!

  • Vinnie Rizzuto III

    I almost didn't see that the last few pictures had Nike in them..

    • KCCO

      I still have no idea what you are talking about

      • Kowabunga

        #11 isn't a sport bra it's still all good

  • meh

    little too fit for me… let the thumbs down roll!

    • right

      except for a few THUMBS UP i agree! : )

      • Lotus

        Yep fit girls get overdone on this site for sure. Seems like at LEAST two posts a week devoted to them

        • Toba

          So… you want a fat girls post?

          • Hidden Temple

            Yeah, her name is Kate Upton

            • Skinny Tom

              Kate Upton is HOT – she's not FAT! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Did you not see that crazy video of her dancing to that song filmed by that strange photographer?!?! Watch it and then honestly tell me (look me in the eyes) and say Kate Upton is fat.

              And I think some girls with a BIT of meat (and I say a BIT not CHUNK) are hot.

              • RdG

                She's fat. No waist whatsoever.

                • elihpodep

                  THANK YOU!

                • Lotus

                  I'm so confused by your comment. Do you mean no hips?

                  • Tom

                    She clearly doesn't work out. No tone to speak of. And in ten years she'll be the laughing stock of tabloids for being that fat girl a la Jessica Simpson.

          • Lotus

            I want variety, buddy

    • john

      fat chicks need lovin too..they just have to pay for it

  • Will

    First!!! Wow #15 is so sexy!!!

    • Do0zer

      She comes standard with dual airbags. FYI: Denise Milani

      • Smitty

        Not Milani, that is photoshop. Milani's are bigger, if you can believe that.

        • Toste

          Actually this is Milani. Check out her site, she's been training for fitness competitions and had lost some weight in the chest area.

        • Toste

          Also you can actually google "Denise Milani Nike" and find the rest of the photos in this set, which are straight from her site.

    • ed wood

      actually that was the 1 photo of the bunch that made me want 2 puke- }-0 = == = == =BARRRRRFFFF

      • Randy

        are you gay?

        • Pie

          Oh, is homosexuality a term of insult to you? Is there something wrong with it?

          • Charles

            He was asking a legitimate question, did the above poster find that women (whose very attractive) repulsive because he is indeed a homosexual.

            Try not to be so sensitive, dumb-ass (that is a term of insult)

            • Pie

              I was asking a legitimate question, too, out of curiosity. Two, actually. I offered no opinion one way or the other. But thank you for the cynicism. Those damn sensitive people are ruining the world.

            • Assuipe

              Oh, and because it's an internet argument Charles, Pie would like to add –

              Your first comma should be replaced by a colon, your only period by a question mark; dumb ass is two words, not hyphenated; and your last sentence needs a period. Also "whose" should be "who's".

          • Guest

            Oh yeah. gays gtfo.

            • ed wood

              says the guy with my dick up his a__

              • Tom

                Says the guy who censored his own curse word.

  • Tom

    God bless mommy, daddy, and that guy who crated spandex.

  • CurveLover

    #13 and #15 are spectacular

    • Tom


    • Smitty

      13 is cheating with pads. I mean damnit, you can see them.
      15 is cheating with photoshop.

      'nuff said.

      • Tom

        13 yes. 15 no.

      • Chuck Norris

        The only reason why #13 is wearing pads, is so you wont see her nipples

      • Toste

        Wrong. 15 is Denise Milani. You can find that whole set.

    • Chuck Testa

      You are right my friend!!!! 🙂

  • question

    New monday theme?

  • LovesPhatChicks

    how come there isnt fat chicks with sports bras??

    • Meowmix

      fat chicks need love too…just not from me

    • Ryan C Olson

      I honestly was just thinking that,…they need to have a chub love day!!!

      • KCCO

        sicko… no thanks

      • Not a chubby chaser.

        I was honestly thinking, NO they don't

    • Yikes

      Because they ate them

    • dutch

      b/c fat chicks don't workout.

    • love fit women

      because fat shicks dont need "sports" bras they need moo moos

      • harveybirdmanAAL

        Fat chicks need loving too…They just have to pay for it

    • Holy Shit WTF

      I love women with a little meat. For all spanish speaking chiver's. Senorita's Gorditas.

      In all seriousness, WOMEN , I love you all. But do not ever try to be to perfect for us men. What really makes us love you, is your flaws. Whether your hot and stupid or ugly and smart. Or, hopefully that awesome in between. We really love you because of sex. And that thing attached to your vagina called you. Fit girls are just as tantilizing as you fatties. Thanks.

  • Pimp

    #18…damn those are full!

    • Tomas

      THAT is AMAZING!!! A thing of beauty….ummm…. TWO things of beauty. 😉

    • Mike

      Thought they looked familiar:

      • Tom

        And she's dating Reggie Bush. That guy…

    • Franklin1138


    • Holy Shit WTF


  • darren

    Damn….love them all!!

  • Stephen Gondek

    Turned on yet slightly terrified at the same time…

    • Jimbo

      By their boobs? Can't see why you would be.

    • patov40

      What, that they might take you to the gym and expose your physical ineptness? Don't be scerred girly man! 😀

  • Justin Lentz

    Might be my new favorite album

  • Alv

    who is #15?

    • Do0zer

      denise milani

    • Iggy

      I believe that is Denise Milani

    • GiGi

      does she kinda have a weird belly button? ..or is that just me thinking that?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #13 #17 #18 Perfect combination of fit & sexy… Nothing too crazy like the boner killer from Mind the Gap

    • GAChiver

      Went thorough this post before MTG. You had me scrolling MTG waiting for the boner killer and bam! Thanks a lot!

    • tatsRhot

      #17 FTW

      Moar!! And find please

  • chicago

    #2 #6 #8 #10 #14 such babes, lookin' really good! firm and fit. stay happy~

    • Iowa

      #2 is Indy Uhlenhopp, played basketball at Northern Iowa and is now a fitness model

      • KCCO

        smokin hot

    • JoeMamma

      This guy knows what he is talking about, couldn't have said it better myself

    • flybirdsfly

      #2 also has some front butt showing. And it looks fantastic.

      • Lance

        #8 is brenna McKenna

    • Slim Jim

      wow #2, wife material

  • Bruins chiver

    #13 No need to hide your face, you look beautiful

    • zaffa

      Shes hiding her face so freak shows like you don't stalk her

      • Bruins chiver

        Riiight I'm a freak show because I think a woman looks beautiful in a Picture SHE posted…makes all the sense in the world. KCCO Zaffa!

        • Raptor Faptor

          I believe Zaffa is simply mistaking the way you appeared to personally think you are speaking to the hot chick in the pink sports bra – the way MANY chivers comment to Chivettes (calling them "lil darlin' and shit like that) as they hope and pray and plead that one day, on of them will get written back I thought you sounded like a standard wanker chiver until I realized you were just making a comment about her deliciousness. And you're right – beautiful and hot – great great body.

  • Travis Alexander

    Hello #9, #12, & #13, very nice

    • Tom

      Whats with the confused pose in #9??

      • Chuck testa

        She's asking you to lift her boobs

    • karl

      #9 is Amanda Cerny

  • CMurda

    #13 MOAR!!!! Find this angel!

  • trl87

    #6 I is in love

    • AfterDark

      There's something about a girl that could kick my ass that really gets me going.

      • trl87

        That is no girl. That is a WOMAN.

    • Poke4Life

      Sexy. As. Hell.

  • dahcj

    #14 #15 #18
    Check and Double Check!!

  • organix85

    #18 Claudia Sampedro… just amazing

    • Alex

      She needs to let those puppies free!

  • Martin_McFly

    #10 and two thumbs up to you as well, my dear!

  • Texaschiver

    #13 nummy

    • Dr_Fap

      This girl is amazing, very fit but still has nice curves.

  • Shant1k

    sports bras are cool because boobs

  • AndreLei

    so happy, so happy… #6

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