• Banxton

    I meant Neil Fucking Tyson, my bad.

    • Nick

      I think "Neil Degrasse Fucking Tyson" rolls off the tongue a little better.

  • TCSthesecond

    We are so small.

  • moep

    true words

  • RoadSodas

    I know this is going to get a lot of neg comments but here goes. I feel like he's great at saying nothing but making you feel like it was something. What information did we get out of this that we can pass along as fact or truth? Seriously watch it again and tell me what you learned. I dunno maybe he just rubs me the wrong way but people saying things like he's the Carl Sagan of our generation is just irritating.

    • economicaljohn

      Also…. The graph that he shares at the end of the video is a percentage of the Federal Budget, which is what he is using to say NASA has been drastically under funded. WEEELLLL… The Federal Budget was roughly 755 Billion dollars in 1966. In 2011 it was just over 37 TRILLION dollars. So in actual dollars, NASA's funding has dramatically increased. Here's some Numbers for you.. 5% of 755 Billion dollars is 37 Billion dollars roughly. ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of 37 Trillion dollars is 185 BILLION DOLLARS. That is equal to 25% of the total Federal Budget in 1966. I truly believe in what NASA does and love the program.. but raising the budget for the program during these times would have a negative effect on what this country is trying to do.. which is get out of a recession.

  • Phil

    We need to work on ourselves before we worry about space. Ayahuasca is the key.

  • Hmmm not too sure

    Ever contemplate how much fossil fuel is expended, how much polution is released and evironmental damage is caused when a space shuttle launch takes place? Until we can do it cleaner I think that protecting the planet that we currently borrow would be a more fiscally responsable investiment rather then, due to current technological limitations, travelling a perspectivly meek distance just so we can turn around and go OOOoooohhhh AAAAaahhhhh. Just a devil's advocate type of comment.

    Also ending with "the future of America" after bitching about borders and the division of humanity for 4 minutes seems a little… off?

    • Hmmm not too sure

      Well I will point out my own misdirection, during the exact time of a launch fossile fuel is not an issue. I intended to more speculate to the expendature of fuel and envrinmental damage involved with the launch of a space shuttle from conception to exit from our atmosphere…

  • Haystacks

    N.D.T for President 2016

  • spook01

    just had a an hour long argument about NASA with my boss today, we are both engineers but he kept saying it should be funded publicly and private companies should take over.. and I wanted to tell him how retarded and flawed that idea is, but he's my boss so I just kept presenting it to him how we have benefited from NASA. Maybe its because he's a mechanical engineer!! lol

    • spook01

      Shouldn't* be funded publicly

  • cropduster

    If you look at that funding chart, the decline directly correlates with the passage of the "Great Society" legislation. All that entitlement money sucked out the innovation of this once Great Nation!

    I loved/love the space program. It is completely saddening to me that it is fading. How ridiculous is it that we didn't have a replacement for the shuttle sitting on deck. Now we have to live through the embarrassment of getting piggy backs from Soviet Russia!

  • Adrian Martinez

    We need more people with a mindset like this in our world

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