The Big Break’s Meghan Hardin has a nice set of.. golf clubs. (30 photos)

Meghan Hardin may have gotten the boot from the Big Break, but she is not easily forgotten. There is still a Fan Favorite contest behing held for all contestants on the If you’d like to vote for Meghan, click HERE

  • 7.62 4 U

    Funny how her last name also describes what she does to men.

  • Dr. Evil

    If you stare at #10 for long enough, you'll see she has a golf club.

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    someones ending up with FLBP no matter what

  • yup

    M ayer J acoby ‘s legacy will live on. We are proof of that.

    Here are our points.

    1)The chive is not directly racist, but practices institution nalized racism. They put black people on the margins. They only post stereotypical pictures of Blacks.
    2)The chive will not censor ra cist comments against blacks, but if you try to say the word inte gration, you are censored. Why?
    3)The “find her” gallery is the most offensive. You are asking users to stalk women against their will, find their names, and make the public. Law suit baby.
    4)Chivettes are the most stupid artificial construct ever. Get a life ladies. Do you just wait for validation from these gross 40 year old men? Ew
    5)Um, ok, the chive has a black is beautiful gallery once every three months. But they have constant red head, chivette of the week(always a white girl), and weekly posts dedicated to white/Aryan women
    6)To be a chivette: dye your hair blonde, don’t be black, fake boobs, vapid
    7)Brooke the dentist. UM SHE IS AN ASSISTANT. That’s like saying a nurse is a doctor. False advertising chive!
    8)To be a chive st affer: 4 0 year ol ds, steal from other we bsites, glorify white women. Repeat.
    9)The chive likes to celebrate idiots in higher education. This is why we lag America. We are too focused on celebrating pics of peole drinking and bingeing. Why not have a post to celebrate black actors, black educators, black history?
    10)Mac the intern , enough said.
    11)This website is dumb under some stupid ass banner of KCCO. You act all philanthropic by posting pics of people in need. Then users will say, “good job, way to go ,you can do it!” then pat themselves on the back and act like they did a good deed.
    Admit to yourselves what you really are, a bunch of old aging wanna be frat dudes wh posts pics of white women to objectify them, nothing more. You are as much into charity as chivettes are awesome.


    Chiveisr acist@g

  • scottt

    i'd like to drive my 2 iron down her fairway, if you know what i mean nudge nudge wink wink

  • fresh.ta.death

    Not a sport. Not an athlete. Sorry.

  • mE6b

    I think you meant she has a nice set of boobs, i didn't notice any golf clubs

  • WaikikiWayne

    She can stroke my putter anytime…

  • Chivettesarethebest

    Don't know much about her clubs, but her tits are great.

  • Yabba

    #25 Winner.

  • Sam Nguyen

    #25 That kid is trying to take a bite out of her boobs.

  • Sundevil8181

    #20…hard to believe she is only 19….she also plays tennis and did cheerleading and gymnastics..definitely a candidate already for FLBP

  • Kluz

    anybody else thinking "Caddyshack" when looking at these pics?

  • ichive

    LPGA Member = Lesbian. sorry guys, she's just not that into you.

  • attakid201

    I'd motorboat the fuck out of those golf clubs.

  • Randy

    #6 #15 #21 #23 BEAUTIFUL

  • TheJCG

    Fake tits. Whoop-de-doo.

  • Bob

    #1 golf is now sexy lol

  • g-man

    She makes Golf worth watching!!

  • nuccabay

    #17 this is my nightmare!!!

  • Gordo

    You'd think those chesticles would get in the way of her swing???
    I also wonder if she has short grass or plays from the rough?

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Oh darn, the ball is in the rough… better go after it

  • Low

    Born without nipples?

  • Johnny

    Meghan is a lovely, whose breasts and bra show their shape well through her shirts which looks pretty especially when she swings a golf club, absolutely a beautiful sight to behold.

  • Joe

    Tickling shouldnt be mistaken for socalled rape.

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