A few notes on tomorrow’s Military KCCO launch…

return of the military kcco A few notes on tomorrows Military KCCO launch...

I’ve received a few questions regarding tomorrow’s Noon PST launch of the Military KCCO’s on theCHIVERY that I’m happy to answer.

First, this is not a pre-sale. Stocks are limited and it’s game on.

I’ve also heard your requests to raise the purchase limit from 5 to 10 shirts. I understand many of you are charged with the task of buying for your entire squad but, to be fair to everybody (and to curb the Ebay cherry picking), we must keep the limit to 5 shirts/order.

Per your suggestions, we’ve raised the logo 2 inches on the shirt. Even after the adjustment the logo will not be visible under your uniform, it will just be more centered on the shirt, which makes you look more handsome.

As always, good luck!

  • Chiver719

    I got my dad hooked on this site and he wants one since he got back from Afghanstan a week ago. and i want one cuz im leaving for Navy Boot Camp in one week.

  • REally?


  • chris coleman

    I live in west cork,Ireland…… I would love one…. 😉

  • Matt Rushton

    Could you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…make a Canadian version of the military KCCO shirts…. 🙂

  • Chiver

    Chive why cant you make some form everybody???? there are so cheap to produced when you get them printed by the thousand?

  • Nolan358

    Hey Chive how come no love for your Canadian Soldier Chivers? A Canadian flagged version of the military KKCO would rock!

    • Nolan358

      Would be even better without my typo's lol KCCO

  • liquid_drummer

    As much as I'd like one being ex-military, I think this should be reserved for active duty and reservists. I'm gonna pass on this and hope these go to someone who is putting their time in for this country.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chandlerr85 Ryan Phineas Chandler

    is there no black? pilots wear black undershirts… but i guess as a navy pilot me saying i'm in the military is kinda pushing it

  • Dan

    Got mine!! Thanks Chive!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.norling1 Chris Norling

    Aw man! I missed it by an hour or so, stupid Japan timezone. Oh well, I guess there's next time.

  • John

    How do I buy one?

  • Karin

    HOO-YAH!! Got me a Navy for under my Dubs and a Whits to wear out. Finally able to get a shirt after so many tries. You guys are awesomeKCCO from SSBN-739!

  • joseph

    Where the heck can I buy a chive shirt.. haven't seen anyone in SA Texas have one? Someone help

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