Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • awhite2020

    The best part of game of thrones! She should get her own post!

  • JshWGrdn

    #19 I got buckets of love for tattooed chivettes.

  • Michael

    #37 Did you turn down his proposal? No other scenario makes sense.

  • Pow49

    #39 MOAR!!! Love a girl with some junk in the trunk!!

  • Huge



  • mateo

    #50 I have to have my nose broken and reset to correct a sinus problem. Would you please help me by trying to break it with your pubic bone?? Please??

  • Australian_Chiver

    Wow just wow… So many BEAUTIFUL woman. There is no doubt about it… CHIVE is the BEST site in the world!

    Loyal Australian Chiver


    #49 #50
    Liked you even when your room was dirty. You should dirty it and clean it again…

  • bgeezy

    Shirts are already up!

  • https://www.facebook.com/spcdan Dan Hale

    #41,#49,#50 HFS!

  • http://www.byrdpaint.com CWB

    Wow! I would love to meet #39 just did a triple take and I can 100% say that's the best ass I've ever seen! I would move to wherever you live and make you very happy. Keep it up and please please send MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Fuvis.Awsome

    This Dar is The Best one Yet!!! Fucking Awsome!!! XD MOAR of #41 PLEASE!!!!??? XP

  • Oliver

    #39 first words out of my mouth: HOLY SHIT DAT ASS! white girls pack some cakes too dayummm

  • CWAB

    Again # 39 is amazing!!!!!! WOW , what a great booty!

  • iChive30

    #49 & #50 is MONEY, but #37 is jst…Ugh-mazing! My wife better be a Chivette! KCCO girl. http://thechive.com/2012/06/05/daily-afternoon-ra

  • Chris

    #49 and #50 Come clean my room and I'll cook ya dinner, fair trade? 🙂

  • stumeister

    #15 Chick from Game of Thrones right? & #41 Proudly South African yo baby

  • Tobyelius

    A teacher's career never ends. 🙂

  • MonkeyMadness

    #39 THAT, my friends, is an awesome ass!!

  • dane

    #49 Hey wait a minute…


    You just threw all that crap under your bed!

  • thewanderingeye

    #39 needs her own post. WOW

  • Chicapowpow

    Thank God there's still men who like humps like #39….<3

  • da goober

    #19 love,love,love,love!!!!!
    #51 can we see it a lil dirty again? 😉

  • Kanoo

    #49 #50 Thumbs up for cleaving your room 🙂

  • hdangerously

    #50 stuffed it all under the bed didn't you? lol

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