Hot Right Now: Girls with lower back tats make me wanna buy a Harley (57 photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • LukeTheTerrible

    #19 No.

  • jason

    Where is this girl from? I think ive seen her around my town!

  • ya buddy

    #39 im in love

  • Anthony_Tyler


    Uh…you missed a spot.

  • Calikush

    #39 #46 mooooooaaaarrrr….

  • Chad Groves

    #37 There should be no reason for you to be single… wow … unless your a nun, then I can understand. If your not a nun contact me becasue you are Gorgeous!!!!!

  • FLRJ

    #15 = Jay Leno's daughter?

    #35 = has a tiny penis?

  • techmechanics

    #37 Good Lord!!!!

  • RGH


    He could be a genius. You will never know unless you try on the head phones and listen for his thoughts.

  • Asher

    #15 Jon Snow you stupid bastard

  • Needlegun13

    #39 PLEASE!! Must have MOAR of this amazing bottom!!

  • Jeff Albertson

    #49 #50 I hope you're completely bat-shit crazy, because you deserve to be with that body.

  • Jammy

    #39 gave me pause….

  • Timothy

    #39, Best. Pic. Ever. On. Chive>

  • Jammy

    #49 Can you clean the carpet now? Just goofn. Great pics though.

  • Beefcake

    #50 Dirty room or clean, this is the sexiest figure i have seen on the chive that I can remember….everything is perfect. Please feel free to submit more!!

  • Gallus

    #15 is my win. But I did like #24 and the photo progression to get there.

  • Trainer

    #50 now we need to mess it back up. Fantastic body

  • Rocketman

    #39 now thats a hump!! Moar of that!!

  • Lyle Lance

    #7 – lol, Been there before
    #19 – MOAR and yes, there should be a "Hot Girls With Tattos" segment… soon!

  • _Like_a_Boss_

    #19 Much love.

  • neXx

    – #39, holy gawd! MOAR plz.

  • jt1120

    #19 – Sorry, they don't work for me. You should see my dad's tatt from Vietnam.
    #39 – OMFG! I mean, Godamm! Dat some AZZ!!
    #45 – Got that right!

  • Baconbygod

    call me next time, and I'l help!!!

  • Baconbygod

    She's on Baconation. Not a Brit for sure….

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