I hate my job (30 Photos)

Do you hate your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Tit_REX

    #4 You don't serve to call yourself a CHIVETTE, no cleevage, and stupid MySpace emo pose for the picture. NO CLEEVAGE OR ANYTHING

    • Dancing Can

      She might have her boobs covered, but I don't think thats a reason to bash on her. I think she is quite cute. Your spelling would be cute for a third grader. Not the grammer police over here, but you are the one who called her out for not being more "adult". You don't "serve" to call yourself a Chiver.

      • Tit_REX

        I had a simple typing error. You're just a plain idiot for spelling GRAMMAR wrong.

        • Zherkof

          You win the Internet! Wait, if we're going to count misspellings, I think you lose – cleAvage misspelled twice to DC's grammar once. Then there's the "serve" thing… just doesn't make sense.

    • Chitsopen

      So many leidas just came up to us to say, You look biufteaul! . No further questions. We answered, Thanks! So do you! Others thanked us for making their days. Just doing our part, you know? Among the funnier responses we received were NYPD authoritatively asking us, What’s going on here? Uh, we like to dress up? and a non-participant proposing marriage on the spot, with various other strangers offering to be best man, etc.

  • Glaspotron

    #1 After sesame street cookie monster went from job to job, briefly moonlighting as a phone sex operator.

  • chucklesclown

    #13 They just got that stupid email about being able to read words when the letters in the middle are jumbled and thought they'd impress their friends.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

    #26 Stand back…I'm an authorized expert in the field

  • Nanook

    #30 That is one nasty ass pool. Good luck and KCCO.

  • Iowa-Aaron

    Whow, slow your roll their chive…. Your telling me that there is a Redhead, loyal chivette, who lives in Iowa? God I love you chive

  • Spork

    #25 is hot. That picture plus the reveal of Zombi U now has me inspired to make/get me some zombie desktop wallpapers.

  • Lori

    I am a clinical social worker and work in a maximum security prison housing severely mentally ill inmates . . . oh how I wish I could bring a camera to work! I could have a whole post to myself! For now, I'll just KCCO and laugh at other people's lives. Thanks, Chive!

  • lisa

    I'm pretty sure I work in the same building as #16

  • Reid Z

    #4 I'll. Be there in less than a month. Meet me in Sibley!

  • OSLG

    #29 I can't wait to make cupcakes like that! bLOWES

  • Former Schwabie

    Hey #16,
    Just leave Charles Schwab already. Apply your skills to a job that will actually pay you what you are worth. They are out there.
    Seriously, you lost $1400 because one customer, out of how many that you deal with each month? Don't bother reasoning with your manager, it won't work.
    Start looking around ASAP.

    • lisa

      Not c.shwab but u got the first letter right. Id recognized those damn light fixtures anywhere! They dimmed the lights and took away our individual trash cans on the second floor to save money!

  • Irish777

    #25 I wish we were related

  • Steph

    #8 Damn it feels good to be a gangster

  • Jimbob

    #14 Who does not love a good RIM job
    #9 What OHS

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  • Jzot

    #25 KCCO My friend. It's so geekless here without you!

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