Los Angeles real estate prices are fubar (24 photos)

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    These guys can't afford houses like this (or a studio apartment), so they illegally squat in a treehouse on a Bel-Air property. Why? To become famous on Youtube. Check out the pitch here:

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  • Clark Kent

    That house in SoCal still has a decent sized lot size by the looks of it. I live in Vancouver, BC and a standard lot size according to the city is 28×110 feet. A more or less empty lot, sans house easily goes for over $700,000 and that is not even in the more high end areas like SoCal. Even in the "worst" (mind you it's far from ghetto or projects) areas new houses under 2000 sq-ft go for a million easily. The housing market in Vancouver is absolutely FUBAR.

  • Goride

    Try and Live in Canada in Victoria or Vancouver average price Vic 567K Van 1.2M

  • Jennybock

    I live in socal too and was also born and raised in middle america. My homestate has its own unique beauty but I am willing to pay more for an outdoor escape than an indoor one.

  • waty

    You couldn't pay me 1.3mil to live in the liberal infested state of California.. Ugh

  • SupraJeeper

    What this is, is proof that in the midwest you get what you pay for and in SoCal you sort of…don't. Midwestern weather doesn't bother me much (summer here kind of sucks though, damn humidity) and there are way to many people in California, espcially the enviro-hippies. If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere in Wyoming, where people are like, "people? What is this "people" that you speak of? We don't have people out here."

  • Poor

    got nothin on Australian house prices. 1.5-2+ million for 1 bed, no garage, outside toilet, one lounge on 6 meter wide block in Melbourne. quit your whining

  • anonymous

    I'm from the Midwest and I live in L.A. I love it out here for many reasons. I don't see myself ever moving back. To each his own though.

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    […] with all your points. Here is a link to support your Midwest vs. LA housing market. Its absurd. Los Angeles real estate prices are fubar (24 photos) : : theCHIVE Another thing I am going to be watching throughout the season is the O-Line. We on this website […]

  • Mike

    I live in Massachusetts where we pay insane home/gas prices for "meh" homes, and insane taxes on everything like California does, only we don't get the nice weather perk like Cali does. We get snow and dbag jerks.

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