Los Angeles real estate prices are fubar (24 photos)

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    • Richie

      id rather spend my money getting a chive tee on ebay

    • Ralph

      This post is B.S. Here are 2 listings for $1.4MM in Venice that I would take over a McMansion in Indiana anyday:

      • Ralph

        And here is the listing for the property in Venice. It is on 1/4 of an acre and is 1 mile from the beach.

        • Scale

          Closer to 2 miles

        • Magic Mike

          EXACTLY. The value is in the size of the lot. First off, it WON'T sell for 1.3. Not even close. Second, whoever buys it is going to demolish it and build something new and significantly better.

          Not my cup of tea, but just realize it's not the house that's important. What's REALLY for sale is the land underneath it.

    • GOP sucks

      Seriously, what's the point of a decent house if you have to live in flyover country?

  • http://www.searchbostoncondos.com meh

    the weather alone is worth 800k

    • ProdigalSOB

      They say the smog is what makes the sunsets so spectacular.

      • Nishtai

        "That's what they say, huh? What a bunch of fuckin bullshit."

        -Ray "Bones" Barboni

        • Travis

          Fuck you Fuckball.

          • Nishtai

            I sense there are at least 19 people who didn't get the joke…

    • sic4x4chic

      Spoken by a true ass-clown.

    • jeff donuts

      hahaha u sir made my day

    • wow


    • Bird

      No, it's not. Here's a waterfront Key West home for 1.3 mil http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3714-Flagler-Av

  • Reeshe

    It's clear to me that if you want a ballin house then don't go to Cali unless your a multi millionaire

    • ohhhh

      Multi billionaire lol

    • some-dude

      Sorry, but you're wrong.

      When you give unqualified people access to "free" money they don't understand the value of it because they didn't have to WORK to EARN it.

      The government rewarded banks who handed out money to unqualified homebuyers that stated false incomes. This "demand" forced prices up even further, then these same people refinanced their homes, pulling cash out because they could get low payment interest only loans. The banks are happy because they keep giving out loans and charging fees.

      When those loans reset and the "homeowners" realize they can't afford the real mortgage payment, they stop paying. The banks aren't motivated to foreclose because it will drive down prices significantly, and they can just wait for the government to come bail them out with our tax dollars.

      There's a huge shadow inventory of foreclosures in Los Angeles. The average person who is behind on their payments is up to 18+ months in Cali.

      It is a big joke on the american taxpayer and anyone who worked hard to be a real homeowner.

      • HonoluluChiver

        Well put. Also: If I squat and leave my crap on the ground, based on this it will be worth about….oh I don't know……575,000 in this market.

        It (the housing) almost has to completely collapse for the good of the working man. Not everyone wants to live in Indiana.

        • some-dude

          …and what's going to happen when interest rates go back up? They can't stay this low forever.

          Try and do the math on a $600,000 house at 7.5%….it just doesn't make sense


    • bewbz


  • Hank

    good thing i live in the midwest!

    • Dick Salad

      And how much money do you make there? If I could make the money I make in DC in any midwestern state I'd probably move in a heartbeat. Until that's possible I'll keep my $2,600 a mo. rent (which doesn't even equal a quarter of my wife and my monthly take home pay) and deal with the cramped city.

      • Michael

        I live in central Minnesota. My rent is $665; which isn't a quarter of MY take home pay. Have fun in the cramped city or CA … our tri-city area doesn't have 85,000 people .. its an easy 10 minute commute to work.

      • Charlie_Cheen

        We bring home not much more than your rent every month (About $3500). My rent is $625 and it's on 2 acres for my kids to run around and play, as well as a good place to have great parties. I'll take my situation every time.

      • Predatorian234

        It's all relative. Whatever pay cut you'd take for moving to the midwest, you'd see it recouped back in taxes and property value.

        2,600 a month for rent is just down right stupid. That's more then most peoples mortgages.

      • thatoneguy

        I live just outside of Chicago, and our household monthly income is roughly similar to yours (going by your above statement). Our Mortgage for our 4 bedroom home on 2 acres of land that overlooks a lake is less than your $2600/mo rent. My home also has a 3 car garage so I have a place to store my car, my wifes car, and my weekend car.

        I dont know what you do in DC, but I have several friends out there. The cost of living is MUCH higher that it is out here, but the income is only slightly higher.

        Oh yeah, and DC is a shithole. It has some nice areas, but you might get murdered trying to get to them.

        • Yeah...

          Certainly no shitholes near Chicago.

          • Dick Salad

            I grew up in Indianapolis and that city is a true shithole (like the rest of the state of indiana). Maybe 15 years ago DC had a bad track record but there are relatively few places where I'd be slightly worried to walk. The city is actually going through massive amounts of revitalization and is one of the few places to actually not see any economic strife. Not to mention this general DMV area has some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country. Besides the housing cost of living is generally not all that much higher. If you can find a good paying job in the narrower markets of the fly over states congrats and what I'm saying isn't very relevant to you.

            • 44354

              "one of the few places to actually not see any economic strife."

              you're obviously a white washingtonian…..

      • Great White North

        In Canada I could buy a huge Igloo for that price and a polar bear to pull my sled and have enough left over for whale blubber for the colder months .

      • Chris

        @ Dick Salad. Congratulations for both of you making 70k a year. Don't brag about peanuts.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      ..Where the first house costs 100k and the second one costs 500k.

    • NebraskaGuy

      I completely agree!

    • Vent187

      LA and the Midwest suck. Orange county all the way!

    • Cheeky

      Is it?

    • Fish

      I live in Brooklyn, NY and pay almost $1700 a month for a large 2 bedroom with a backyard. There's no place better than New York. You can have the tornadoes, the Conservative Republicans and the low income that comes with living in the Midwest. And L.A isn't much better. No disrespect to those who created the Chive. You should move your operations to New York!

  • http://www.facebook.com/trstanley54 Tyler Stanley

    The sad part is that I live in Indiana, near Ft. Wayne, but I'd give my left nut to live in SoCal.

    • Toba

      That's cause Indiana's the South of the North.

      • Zach West

        What does that mean? The south has a much more pleasant and accommodating culture than the north. Most northerners are so smug they forget that Jersey Shore and Wall Treet is how the south views them.

        • Shiguy

          Indiana is not New York or New Jersey. Hoosiers are very kind people. However, I agree, that is why I moved from Farmland, Indiana.

          • Bud

            Yeah, and they are good drivers too, and your cops aren't assholes or anything.

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          What's fun is if you happen to be in New Jersey and point out to a native what the rest of the country thinks of their state.

          • dutchmaster

            you do realize that Jersey Shore, Housewives of NJ, and Jerseylicious are TV shows, right? and that 80% of the characters on that show are from New York or somewhere else other than NJ, right? and that's not how people from new jersey actually act, right?

            everyone from new york must be a vampire-zombie because will smith said so in I am Legend

          • dutchmaster

            but its funny that whatever glorious state you reside in gets all their education from cable TV programming lol

        • NelPit

          They might be confusing the entire north with the northEAST. I grew up in New England, and moved to the Midwest about 25 years ago — And never looked back. I've traveled all around the country, and the Midwest (including Indiana) is FAR more pleasant and accommodating than the northeast. I do agree that there are some very friendly parts of the south, but just like in the north, it's more or less in pockets, as opposed to wide spread.

          • mikey

            i find it funny that tyler's holding a surf board and he's from IN.

            i also wouldnt rather live anywhere besides boston.

            • http://www.facebook.com/trstanley54 Tyler Stanley

              I lived in Costa Rica for a while. Now THAT is a beautiful country.

        • http://www.facebook.com/trstanley54 Tyler Stanley

          The South of the North meaning that a large portion of people think they were part of the Confederacy and still fly the Rebel flag. In reality they are just ignorant racists, and give substantial meaning to the term 'White Trash.'

          • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

            lumping in flying the rebel flag with being an "ignorant racist" just shows how ignorant you are. i'm no racist, but i'm proud of the rebel flag, it stands for southern pride and state's rights. the US flag (old versions of the flag) flew over slavery for over 100 years (if ya dont know what i'm talkin about, look up indentured servitude and the reasons for early labor unions and such) whereas the rebel flag flew over men fighting for their right to decide what their government did, ie for democracy.

            • Underbaker

              So that whole thing about the south leaving the union because they didn't want to abolish slavery thing had nothing to do with the rebel flag?

              • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

                try educating yourself on history sometime. the south wanting to keep slaves was one of a dozen issues and not a primary one. also, the north kept slaves for decades after the war. (education is a wonderful thing my friend)

                • Underbaker

                  Why don't you stop touting your superior intellect and actually try quoting a source or two for this new found revelation on the primary cause of the Civil War. Of the top 5 causes for the civil war they can all be attributed in some way to the movement of the northern states and federal government to abolish slavery with the straw that broke the camels back being the election of Abraham Lincoln who was widely known in the southern states as an anti-slavery proponent. (Top 5 causes of the Civil war http://americanhistory.about.com/od/civilwarmenu/

                  • pro-scholarlysources

                    I hope you realize that by citing 'about.com' you just invalidated your argument.

                    • Underbaker

                      It's no worse then Wikipedia and I am totally interested in any cites he may have in trying to disprove me.

            • http://www.facebook.com/trstanley54 Tyler Stanley

              And the Nazi flag is a symbol of the rebuilding of Germany after WWI? The Confederate flag is a symbol for hate and discrimination, hence the KKK flying it at their rallies. Human rights should trump state's rights any way.

            • Late

              unless you're black, in which case it stands for slavery, rape, lynching, the elimination of your culture and identity. sure it stands for states rights, like the right to get rich of the broken backs of people who were kidnapped from their countries. You either not recognizing this, or recognizing it and choosing to ignore how it makes others around you feel demonstrates your racism.

              • The_Dood

                Actually, most of them were sold by their own people…

              • library of comgress

                The majority of the people who were "stolen" from their own country, were actually sold and given away by their own people.

              • HistoryIsCool

                KIDNAPPING?? Wow, how ignorant. Your fellow Africans SOLD you, and got rich in the process. No one kidnapped anyone…tribe fought tribe, losing tribe got sold to the Portuguese or whoever the local slave trader was, money was exchanged, and off they went…some to the US, a big chunk to Brazil, the Caribbean, and other parts of Central and South America. For the most part, a lot of the Africans who did the selling came from the part of Africa called Kenya. You may be familiar with it…our President's dad came from there. Interestingly, he has no slaves in his family tree…do the math.

                • Brutal_Deluxe

                  How the fuck did we get here from 'California real estate is way expensive lol?'

            • Ian Anderson


            • Guest

              No it stands for slavery, especially these days, not state's rights- unless it was the right to property of human beings, which was slavery.

          • Iceman2509

            What a idiotic view of Indiana.

            • A_O

              over half of the state senate were KKK members in the 20's…

              • Iceman2509

                So? Whats your point? That was damn near 100 years ago. I do think that is the case today.

    • wow

      And you would lose your Right Nut paying the extreme amount of money it takes to live in California.

    • dippy doo

      I'd rather wake up in Utah, right next to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir belting out church hymnals after drinking bottle of whiskey; then spend a day in SoCal.

  • baaaaaammmm

    I would rather see the owners wives and daughters

  • Matt

    #1 Wow, that's unreal!

    • Levian

      A place like that where I live wouldn't even be 150k

      • Macro

        And you'd have to spend another 50k fixing that rats nest up to code.

    • Matt

      Is it just that way with real estate or is everything (ie: cars, clothing, dining) really expensive in LA?

      • Tarkus

        Everything is expensive here – what really doesn't make sense is the cost of produce in the grocery stores (because this is a very agricultural state… most of what we eat is grown here, so why is it pricier for a head of lettuce here than when it's shipped to the northeast?)

        • MOAR

          Would you just buy as much stuff as you could online? It seems like Amazon would be your best friend if you lived in So-Cal or New York.

          • Tarkus

            Amazon struck a deal where they will start charging the 8.75% sales tax (I think) later this year.
            But the short answer to your question? Absolutely.

            • Jason E

              yeah Amazon rules, I go on it every week

    • Ralph
  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.thompson.545402 Eric Thompson


  • hump

    It's all about location, clearly.

    • KO617

      I'd rather live in a $1.5MM mansion in New England than a shitbox in LA…I love Cali but I can't imagine trying to relocate there, and my company's HQ is in SF. I say this while I live in a tiny 3bd in Boston.

    • drspiff

      right a POS alley in SoCal is equivalent to acreage in the Midwest…. that's logical.

  • gromtown

    that is just stupid….

    • http://twitter.com/LuNcH_bOx13 @LuNcH_bOx13

      What's stupid are the people that pay those prices in Cali.

      • Magic Mike

        What's sad is you calling anyone "stupid" for buying a home in an area they want to live in just because YOU can't afford it. Keep that poverty mentality and you'll never get anywhere in life.

        • Lunch_Box

          Wouldn't matter if I could afford it or not, not paying for something that's not worth the money, and that is not worth the money. If you think it is, then…….I think you know the rest.

          • Zach Morris

            It's worth the money to them….which is why they live there. You don't have any money, which is why you don't even have the option of living there….I'd rather be in their shoes.

            • Lunch_Box

              No, no it's not, they just have no choice if they want to live there. I own a home, so I believe I have money, by Cali standards, I have a multimillion dollar home. Even if I was an actual millionaire, I would never live in California, visit sure, which I have, nothing there that you can't find a better version of somewhere else.

  • Ethix

    Supply and demand, unfortunately.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.a.buckles Andrew Buckles

      Artificially inflated by restrictions on house building through and a strong governmental preference to apartment/condos compared to standalone housing (IE what people actual want). Actual supply and demand would result in much more equitable home prices.

  • Anonymous

    My wife is from the Fort. This is very true. houses are significantly cheaper in Fort Wayne even more so than here in Raleigh where i live.

  • trl87

    I prefer not getting raped in clown shoes.

    • twavor

      I prefer to not be raped at all…. clown shoes are pretty comfortable, though…and you can store snacks in them.

    • _Moose_

      Put on a rainbow wig and a squeaky red nose, and then look at the price of a 2 bedroom/2bath apartment in New York. I should be buying K-Y in bulk.

      • rally

        you would if you could afford it…

    • BehindYouSmiling

      What kind of shoes do you prefer to be wearing when you get raped?

  • zip92


  • Thisguy

    #10 isn't that the alley way from blood in blood out?

    Good thing I own in TEXAS…..

    • niko

      kimda looks like it but nope…

    • Thatguy

      LOL awesome movie reference!

    • hark1985

      bad ass movie

    • Jandro

      Vatos Locos !!!

    • Rip The Jacker

      Cinderella go find yourself a fella!

    • Magic Mike

      Yes, good thing you own in Texas, where property taxes are among the highest in the nation, and scorching heat and miles of flat nothingness extend as far as the eye can see.

      • Yup

        You Sir, are a moron. Texas does not have a state income tax, has the best housing market in the US and generates more revenue from Fortune 500 companies than any other state in the US. Saying Texas is flat and hot is like saying Cali has nothing but desert and fog. You should probably travel outside SoCal before you comment about other places based on tv shows you watch at your mom's house. I am from Redlands, by they way, before you make another stupid comment.

        • Zach Morris

          You are too stupid for words…he pointed out that PROPERTY TAX in Texas is among the highest in the country, which is relevant, because THIS POST IS ABOUT HOUSING. Also with the exception of Austin, Texas fucking sucks.

      • dur

        Texas has over 14,000 square miles of hill country. It also has 3 of the most populated cities in the US.

  • CowboyChiver

    Fuck California. Yeah, I said it. Fuck 'em.

    • Banksy

      fuck you too

      • the dutch suck

        your street art sucks. Go back to Bristol.

    • dag nabbit

      Yea, fuck this nice weather. I enjoy your next natural disaster dipshit

      • Brady

        Its a good thing CA never has earth quakes or anything

    • Yessirr

      You sir, have my vote. For what, I don't know. But you have it.
      – Deep South Chiver

    • iChive

      I'm from California. I don't want to be fucked; I'm getting fucked by my government every day already. So I'm fucking off to somewhere with, well, an economy.

    • SoCal

      You are clearly jealous. Enjoy cleaning up horse shit while a lay on the beach.

    • Groggy

      I live in California. It's fucking awesome.

      All the hate in the world won't change that.

    • Chris

      Here Here Fuck LA, California, And Massachussetts. Go Celtic! Fuck Maimi to!

  • asas

    London, UK says "Bitch , please"

    • FionnR

      Dublin, Ireland says "Bitch, please"

      • Underbaker

        Bitch please what? If you throw out one of those you need to show us why you are throwing it out.

      • Magic Mike

        All of America says "Shut up bitch".

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yep. My 1st floor 2bed apartment in Greenwich cost me £360,000.

      For the same amount, a friend has just bought a 4-bed detached with a huge garden in Manchester.

      Wouldn't trade though, London frickin' rocks.

      • DubStu

        London sucks balls! 😉

        Manchester is much more chilled with way fewer dickheads. And you don't get ass-raped for living in a nice big house…or for driving in the city centre…

      • Heisanidiot

        Cost YOU 360k? Or cost you 36k and the bank 324K?

    • Magic Mike

      America says "Remember how the Revolutionary War ended? Who's the bitch now?"

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        China replies "You are."

        • Chinaman

          China quickly adds "but PLEASE keep buying things from us or our economy will COMPLETELY collapse".

  • Iggy

    LOL Venice. The same house out in the Valley is only $300,000

    • Bobby


    • RAY

      And still a shit hole.

    • mcfadinj

      LOL Only? A house like that where I live would be around 90-100k.

      • omare

        Here in Houston, closer to 70-80k.

        • Travis

          Buffalo too

    • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

      current housing market a house like that where i live could be under 50k…

      • The_Dood

        Same here in Dayton, Ohio.

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          I am moving to all of these places. Housing around here blows.

    • Bud

      You could buy it in Alabama for a goat and good tidings.

      • Ryan

        Thanks for the laugh chief.

    • Karl

      My house is substantially nicer in Pittsburgh, and was $60k.

      • Marx

        You misspelled "trailer"

    • A_O

      same house can be bought from a bank in compton or long beach for 20k

    • Drew

      Where in the Valley?? Van Nuys? Pacoima? Average valley price is $400k++.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #6 It's the fancy splash guard that kicks the price up Leo. Get with the times man. LOL

    • ChodeLauncher

      I noticed that too. It's like the realtor glued it on last-minute to make it look classy.

  • gunner

    You get what you pay for. Nobody wants to live in Indiana. Nobody. Land is cheap in the fly-over states because it's a cesspool of ignorance and inbreeding.

    • rando

      LOL well said

    • ThePatriot

      fuck you you ignorant cunt I'm from Indiana, I love this place. The city is full of culture and a diverse mix of people without fear of getting shot walking down the street like in the coastal cities. Noone here in Indiana is inbred either we aren't 1800's Alabama. There is plenty to do here and it is a beautiful place to live.

      • No one

        Mr Noone strikes again…

      • 1800's Alabama

        not cool man… not cool

      • Magic Mike

        Really?! Two words: Gary, Indiana. One of the most crime-infested places in America. One of the top 10 murder rates in the country for more than a decade now. Indiana sucks.

        • ThePatriot

          thats not Indianapolis though we get to blame Gary on Illinois, the rest of Indiana is just fine

    • shsne

      Probably the dumbest thing I've ever read, Gunner. Keep up your ignorance and we'll keep providing for you here in the lowly Midwest.

      • Wolf

        This is 100% true well said my Midwestern brother

        • iChive

          I live in L.A., and elitist pricks like the OP are the reason I won't be living here much longer. Well, that and our lack of an economy.

          So, from a Californian to the Midwest, thank you for not being like our our fubar state.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

      funny how the people bashing states they know nothing about always wanna go to "ignorance and inbreeding". funny cause, i kinda wander how you got to be so ignorant without being inbred? what's your excuse?

    • pickleman77

      A cesspool of ignorance and inbreeding? So then I assume you're from there…get bent asshole.

    • shamalamadingdong

      gunner, you seriously have no idea what you're talking about. the ignorance you're thinking of is the kind you portrayed when you posted this comment.

    • Gunner's momma

      Gunner? Gunner honey? Is that you? When are you comin' back home to Gary? Yer sister miss you so much. She can't afford batteries no more.

    • M.C.

      Says the Tool.

    • Wolf

      Fuck you and California

    • kingspade97

      you sound so fucking stupid…….

    • Former CA

      Seriously, any state dumb enough to elect Jerry Brown, again, has already cornered the market on ignorance.

    • Daniel

      I find it funny the number of folks on the coast who argue the "ignorance" of Indiana. You do realize that we have one of the top juris doctorate programs in the nation at that little school called Notre Dame?? How about the top mechanical engineering school of Rose Hulman? Ever here of that school named Purdue you know where 1 in 10 engineers in the world graduated from, not to mention their Vetrinary and nuclear pharmacy schools. We won't even mention the law and medical schools of Indiana University. You elitist on the cost really make my day the more of you assholes that stay out of our stae the better we are…

      • DudeinSoCal

        Blah blah blah are you really trying to compare schools….look into the UC school system…genius

        • Daniel

          Ya I will compare school systems. You ignorant fucks think that the only thing in the world that exist is California.. Guess what numb nuts YOU are WRONG!! Indian has some of the best schools in the country, unlike California we don't need the other states to subsidize our way of life, we support our selves and can do it by NOT paying 1.3 million for a shit hole place close to the beach. If your so smart tell me how many plane tickets can you buy for 1 million dollars to go to the beach with a 300k home in Indiana.. Fucking morons

          • keep portland weird

            1. CA has four law schools that are ranked higher than Notre Dame.
            2. Even if the university system in IN is decent, does that really disprove the argument that people in the state are ignorant as a general matter?
            3. Please, for the love of all that is holy, check your spelling/grammar before posting about how "smart" your state is. I love me some irony but this is ridiculous.

            • Indiana Jones

              Why is this comment thumbed down? This dude is pointing out another reason California is better than Indiana for some, and yet there is so much worthless hate from pathetic people…. how sad are your lives that you hate a STATE for no reason?

    • J in GJ

      Well thankfully California has not of that going on. After all, they're willing to put the same people in power every election cycle. The same people who run record deficits, drain the public of the fruits of their labor and continue to think that more spending and high taxes are the answer. I'm just happy that there's no shortage of ass clowns that continue to live there. It keeps them out of my state!

    • Poke4Life

      Fuck you Cunt Stick! My Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering says you hippy fucks in California get what you pay for! Have fun with your hipsters and gangs while I enjoy my clean air and clear skies in Oklahoma!

    • http://www.facebook.com/phsycoticembrace Stephanie Williams

      Thats a ignorant statement maybe you shouldn't use words that van be turned around to describe you. Fuck Cali I'm voting Hawaii least they have some culture and don't think they are special because the state they live in.

      • Ispeakchive

        Stay in C-world

    • djp

      It's funny how many flyover states there are until there's a need for emergency aid like on 9-11. That free humanitarian work and supplies changed a lot of minds in New York about the great unwashed here in the midwest. How soon some forget.

    • Joe

      You Sir are a fucking idiot!

    • Traveler

      You guys realize that we all live in the UNITED States, right? What the hell is the point in bashing one state or the other, espesh if you've never visited said state. Each state has positives and negatives. What a waste of f-ing time, disappointed in myself that I've even read these stupid comments.

  • Blake

    Looking at job availability…Fort Wayne, IN $100.000+/yr (237) …. Venice, CA $100,000+/yr (4000+) …according to indeed.com

    • thatguy

      I think someone missed the point of the post. It's called "cost of living." Yes there are more 100K jobs there, but 100K in Cali is not equal to 100K in Indiana.

    • NelPit

      Good luck affording a $1.3mm house on around $100,000/yr! You'd need $350,000/Yr minimum (Plus a decent down payment).

      I'd like to see what that CA house would go for in a decent part of Fort Wayne (Yes, there are decent parts of Fort Wayne).

      • Daniel

        about 40 grand if that. would probably be able to get it at a sheriffs sale for taxes owed (about 500.00).. Ther are a LOT of nice areas in Ft Wayne in fact more nice than not…

  • pickleman77

    Crazy Leo! Wow! (Hey-when are you posting your Peru Pics??)

  • MWchiver

    How does an average person live out there? *Headpalm*

    • TommyB

      No one is 'average' in CA!

    • Saskguy26

      prostitution would be my guess

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        That wouldn't be headpalm, that would be bonerpalm

    • http://www.facebook.com/jude.chavez.180 Jude Chavez

      Pretty easy actually though im in Long Beach not Venice Beach

    • Jammy

      Pay check to pay check.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mikeyaltman Michael Altman

      50 year mortgage, that's how.

  • techno_viking

    How else are they supposed to attract people to live in Indiana?

    • 0331

      90 minutes in the car will get you 90 miles in Indiana. Same time in Cali will get you 10 miles.

      • Dancing Can

        or maybe 1 mile if you are on the 101 at the wrong time.

      • Indiana Jones

        90 minutes in the car will you get 90 miles away in Indiana….where there is still nothing to look at except frigid wasteland and fat chicks. Enjoy your 90-minute drives Indiana!

        • Thepatriot

          uhh no dude plebty of hot chicks in indiana, ive fucked a few of them

  • Jwat

    I grew up in Iowa, now live in orange county; other than the people, the traffic and insane housing prices, it's amazing!!

    • comrade7apaches

      fuck state, GO HAWKS

      • yup

        The winter… and douche bags like comrade7 are the only down side to Iowa… but I'll take that over the SUPER douche bag culture of socal…

        • comrade7apaches

          that wasn't very nice..
          I may be a douche, but I was up inside your mother

    • ScientificBoink

      so…the weather? 'cause groceries for twice the price can't be it.

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