Los Angeles real estate prices are fubar (24 photos)

  • Kenton

    Hi, I've lived in LA for 2 years, down in Laguna for a year, Dana Point for a year, Denver for a year, Salt Lake City for a year, Cary, NC for a year, and grew up in MI. Venice in LaLaLand so it's going to be ridiculous, but no one buys a house in LA unless you are a multimillionaire. You rent. Or you get an awesome job where they pay for your rent/house. Only a nube would buy that thing.

  • Steveo

    I live and own a home in California. What your blog doesn't mention is that price of the California property reflects the value of the land, not the house on it. It's supply and demand. No one wants a home in Fort Wayne, IN and lots of people want a home in the land of milk and honey.

  • kazyctn

    That's why you move to Oregon…

  • The Rook

    KCCO Live in the Fort. SoCal is nice to visit but couldn't live there.

  • dag nabbit

    The west coast is the best coast!

  • Damian

    We have good prices in SW Florida and the whether here is great and similar to southern cal except the gulf is extremely warm compared to the pacific. I guess the toss up is between hurricanes or earth quakes, mudslides and forest fires lol.

  • Grant

    #1 I live in Vancouver B.C. Canada. When I was a kid (1970) that same California house here was 40K, now that same house is 2.5 million, thats no bullshit. How the fuck is anyone, especially our kids supposed to live. This kind of crap is getting out of hand.

  • logandeezy

    It doesn't take a genius to realize that IT COST THAT MUCH BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT.

  • irlnick

    Yeah I live in the Inland Empire in SoCal and its unbelievable how much home prices are here and we're still an hour away from the nearest beach. Sad thing is that is the price of the house after the market apparently crashed?! What was it before that? My wife and I still rent because its to damn expensive even know we make enough to afford it we just don't see the value in over paying for some place we then have to pay the upkeep on as well.

  • jay

    haha they are getting raped my family owns about two blocks of houses in total down here in Houston and you could buy them all what your paying for that 1 house fuck the scene its about money at least in our case

  • wow

    I make 18$/hr and can barely afford an apartment in Orange County, this state sucks dick, very very very very large dick. The air quality is fking awful and the residents keep electing dumb shits like Brown into office. They fucking voted ARNOLD into office…

  • https://www.facebook.com/stephan.tamminga Stephan Tamminga

    Looks like there's a "0" too many on the first price tag, and one "0" too little on the second…

  • ConstableDubs

    My grandparents bought a house in California waaay back in the day for $40,000 and sold it several years ago for over a million. Not a bad profit, I'd say.

  • Saratoga

    and so you see, in conclusion, California is shit and should earthquake itself right off of the left side of the country…..

  • JayMay

    Vancouver BC is even crazier. $1.5million for a whole house? thats a tear down!
    check out http://www.crackshackormansion.com

  • Buda B

    Haha, great post! Something you always think about…but means a lot more in pictures.

  • Ty Boy

    born and raised in nor cal, but i went to texas a few weeks back, and i got to say, i'm moving there asap!

  • jizzMarkie

    Fuck watever I love being born and raised in Southern California Chive on

  • kingspade97

    that California for ya….its where i live lol everything is stupid expensive….. good luck to all the cali kids trying to move out

  • Truth

    It's about the dirt. Clearly a tear down. But with $450,000 you can build a $2.5M house on that little lot.

  • Dave Fontaine

    Sucks to have grown up in such poverty. Life is hard. So hard. Oh is that a pond on your 12 acres? Jesus Christ. First world problems.

  • Anonymous

    Location, location, location.

  • Iain

    I would pay that much to not live in Cali. Too many superior d-bags.

  • Nick

    Cali is a joke. It’s a statement, and a bad one at that. Except for those who think jersey shore is a good show, and those people aren’t allowed to have an opinion.

  • Axy

    Makes me want to cry. I was born and raised in coastal CA but it’s getting impossible to live here. I mean what you get for your money elsewhere is looking real tempting these days.

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