Rockstar’s high school yearbook pictures are…well, very un-rockstar (30 Photos)

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  • jimmy1013

    #8 Am I the only one that thinks Dave looks like the singer from the Sex Pistols?

  • metalhead_chivette

    Dimebag! I never thought I'd see that legend on the chive.. Love ya guys even more m/

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  • bryanole27

    This list is missing two of my faves…Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. Really hoping to see both!

  • wow

    Lead singer of Rage Against the Machine went to school with my wife…. in Irvine, California. Real hard life

  • albert

    #4 hahahaha

  • Kenny

    #19 Guys are always so dorky in HS pics where girls are usually smoking hot!

  • Justin


    girl hair!!!

  • CedarLamb

    RIP Dime. Miss ya bro. Visited your grave a month back and it nearly killed me.

  • Catzb

    all of them blew my mind O_O

  • Bash Joker

    #6 Isn't real. Danzig got a nose job in the 80's. His honker was much bigger and had a hook back then.

  • porky pine

    wait, Slash and Tom Morello used to be black?

  • Ivan

    Hey what about Maynard "tool"

  • jeremy

    James hetfield looks likr shaun white

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  • Ralph Scialpi

    omg so funny

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