• GeeGonkey!

    It's crazy what they can do now-a-days with some wheels on board… Landing a kick-flip verial was the shiz for me, made me feel like i was one of these guys

  • adum

    when i saw the first hardflip i was like damn thats the first 'normal' trick in this.. then he landed it cross legged.

  • Poke4Life

    Never was good at skateboarding, but this shit impressed the hell out of me. I would have not teeth and multiple broken bones if I tried any of that…

  • Anonymous

    Yeas finally a skate video!:)

  • http://americeuro.com AmericEuro

    Reblogged this on American LIFE European STYLE and commented:

  • Anonymous

    I could watch this forever

  • iShep

    Anyone know this song?

  • Cream_Fresh

    Mindblowing ….

  • aaron

    I recon you could make a video "walking at 1000fps" and it would be amazing

  • bucktown

    @ spacemanspiff: ask and ye shal receive

  • http://www.treealityproductions.com Treeality

    I think we all agree there should be a show about three guys surviving in a treehouse, trying to become famous on Youtube. Here's the pitch:

  • Michael J Holmes

    Mother of GOD…

  • Benje

    epic vid is epic

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