• thom

    I am nearly speechless.
    Just awesome.

  • Clay

    The song blows! But the cheerleaders are freaking awesome!

  • Tate Bowden

    I just became a very big dolphins fan

  • Trez

    I did smile at the blonde at 1:28. She only has one line of 5 short words and still gets it wrong.
    So I had to go back and watch it all again. For research purposes. 4 times.

  • erocks

    Girls are hot. The song however is lame as hell. No talent same 4 words over and over. sad that it'll be played over and over and that chick will be on music award shows and get rich and famous. nasty world but kcctfo

  • Brian

    Appropriate it's Dolphins, 'cause this shark's jumped.

  • @FLRescue

    It's awesome how they can make their voices all sound alike

  • mike


  • Robert Gray

    what an interesting video!

  • Frank Lay


  • bensmith681


  • j0shh

    after whatching this compelling video i find it nessesary to pack all my shit up and move to Miami…STAT.


  • MstrFlsh

    1:52 i will call you any time you want. as long as its to set up a date.

  • Hayley

    Soooo adorablee 🙂

  • negrow

    2:25 best looking!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I'll call you, your number still 9-1-1?

  • billium


  • Eric

    00:20 best girl

  • Patrick

    Can someone send this video to me please?

  • @undefined

    not gonna lie, that was hot

  • Joe

    The whole video is ruined at the 16 second mark and we all know why. i guess it's PC to have one on the squad.

  • Colorado298

    1:22 You win the sexiest Miami cheerleader award. WOW..

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