theCHIVE goes to San Diego for a meetup with the troops! (45 Photos)

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Chivers made the trek from Venice Beach to San Diego to raise a glass with our service men and women. If you serve in our Armed Forces, you and a friend drank for free all night on us. Let me be the first to compliment y'all on your capacity for alcohol, the Navy really is America's largest drinking club.

We didn't really know what to expect but I got a fairly good indication when I went for a walk in the Gaslamp Quarter a few hours before the event. I saw Bill Murray and KCCO's everywhere which continues to be a humbling experience for me.

Over a thousand Chivers showed up to say hello and thank our troops. I particularly enjoyed the random chorus of 'USA! USA!' chants throughout this magical night.

A special thanks to Ellen Mon0han, Sara Jay, and Erin Young for making the trip. We had the time of our lives.

Next stop: New York City

And I'm hearing rumors of an Austin, TX meetup soon…

We had a camera positioned above the bar taking a photo every 10 seconds. Cool time-lapse video of the meetup below:

  • PewPew

    *facepalm* at the Navy being America's biggest drinking club. Bunch of pole smokers.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Anyone know who the blonde in #19 is?????

  • andre

    'preciate y'all doing meet-ups for the sailors and troops ^^b ….how 'bout some international meet-ups though so that the men and women serving overseas(who can't be called away from duty) can enjoy a meet-up as well?

  • trav

    girl in the sailor outfit is gross

  • Guest

    San Diego!



  • CRIS

    So EDMONTON, AB is FULL of chivers and has a big Army Base, Hint, hint

  • wasted

    #17 Find Her!!!!!

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