A cheap alternative to beating the heat this summer… (8 Photos)


  • Jawbone

    Regardless of the disclaimer, if you're too fucking retarded to spell "ignore" correctly, among the multitude of other errors, I don't think I'll be following your "stay cool cheap" ideas. Enjoy the trailer park heat this summer.

  • Stubbs

    Or try shutting down the computer and going outside…

  • Cheskat

    Tweaker project?

  • $$$$$$

    How broke r u? That shit is weak

  • Craigery

    This post made me feel really good about my life!

  • jimbob

    Or just go to the pub and have several beers

  • Sarah

    why not just plug it into the wall?

    • M_13

      Exactly what I was thinking the whole time….

  • Christian

    Is he looking at porn?

  • birdhaus32

    #8 spends thousands on gaming equipment, can't afford to put in air conditioner

  • CaptainGuinness

    #8 this guy looks like the inspiration for the South Park character that played WoW all the time…

  • Ispeakchive

    Electricity should be respected

  • Scott

    Warning: Galactic wormhole may ensue… I'm just sayin'…

  • TheRealCamPel

    Or get off your lazy ass, stop playing Diablo 3, and go outside.

  • Tim Hamilton

    #8 have one of your many girlfriends fan you and feed you grapes. Wait YOU ARE A GAMER!!!! Have your MOM come upstairs and fan you and feed you grapes while you play W.O.W. or DIABLO.

  • PubicJones

    Or you could buy a fan.

  • mtdave

    USB fans are like 5 bucks on ebay.

  • joe

    will this work on a mac

    jk by the way


    $25 22" fan at home depot. Problem solved

  • https://www.facebook.com/kmills.designservices Kevin Mills

    I just turn the thermostat in my mansion down a few degrees when I am hot, whats a few more kwh, am i right fellas?

  • Needlegun13

    Why not use the fan AS IT WAS????

  • MacGyver's Fire Man

    How bad is your complexion/self esteem if in your on-line sketch you include your acne?
    With all that sweet fan money you saved why not buy yourself some ProActiv… or an eraser.

  • deprydation

    I've done this with a 3 fans chained together from an old computer case that I had laying around.

    It's a decent solution, but a 5$ fan works much better.

  • Ricky


  • RealSkyHigh

    This is just a waste just go buy a $20 fan

  • haterade

    I wonder if he realizes he has 3 to 4 extra 3pin fan ports right next to him inside that pooter… O_O. All computers come with extra fan ports

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