A cheap alternative to beating the heat this summer… (8 Photos)


  • Mark

    turn on the shower


    This idea is stupid, its clearly posted as a joke. Whats even more stupid is everyone saying a 12v fan can't fun at 5v, you'll fry your board. Your all idiots. You can run it at 1v if you wanted to. Your all stupid.

    • xcolinsullivanx

      No Aaron, YOU'RE stupid. YOU'RE an idiot.

  • WayneZzWorld13

    I want the fan to blow my face, sounds refreshing

  • dre

    Worked like a charm! 😀

  • StevieB

    Probably should re-insulate those wires, buddy.

  • mullex

    wallz-mart anyonez?

  • Floyd J Mcgee

    Hmm, I think I would just buy a new fan than go through all of those hassle? Also to decrease heat at home, you can try perth roof restoration
    into which the pain to be used actually helps on heat absorption.

  • Billy

    Political correctness has gone too far…………………….

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