Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • JimmyS

    #23 Why is this a thing?

  • Switched


    Yolo; carpe diem for idiots.

  • fred

    losin virginity like a BOSS #1

  • nouu

    #4 got some bad news for ya libtard.

    • Otter

      You know, the name calling just makes you look stupid and does nothing to help your cause. I'm not a Dem, nor a Rep. I make my mind up on the issue. I won't let a political party dictate what I think. This whole Us vs Them thing is keeping the country from moving forward. Congrats for being part of the Problem.

  • Martin

    I'm pretty sure the redhead party was over here in the Netherlands in Breda. There's a yearly event called Roodharigendag (Red Hair Day). The upcoming event will be held on 1 / 2 september so there's still plenty of time to buy tickets This year a whopping five thousand redheads are expected to attend.

  • shadowstein

    #23 kappa in training?

  • mullex

    #29 LITO

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