Knee high socks: Chicken soup for the pants (32 Photos)

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  • savanath

    dear Chive,

    I just wanted to say that 'girls with glasses' and 'knee high socks' are the best categories in your website. now please combined the two categories with another category, which is burn bra.

    it will be the best thing I will ever see, and I will gladly die after that.

    yours truly

  • le me

    all guys do need this girl #5

  • AmericoPolk

    #9 she is just terrific

  • Anonymous

    more of 29 please

  • Meyla

    seen this video a few days back, there wasnt as much backlighting and it was a heovlla lot clearer. get your shit together Bob! on a side note, that second vid with the woman and kids? I dont use this phrase very often, but : that’s just fucked up

  • lblxswtx

    OF9CeQ icsaedosabyw

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