Knee high socks: Chicken soup for the pants (32 Photos)

  • moar boar


  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #26 Can "SIDE-LIP" be a new thread on here? Please?

  • Just a simple guy

    #9 Found it hard to scroll past…going back up for another look…stunning x

  • so best


    fire these girls all attentionseeking vapid

    black girls please?

    M ayer J acoby ‘s legacy will live on. We are proof of that.

    Here are our points.

    1)The chive is not directly racist, but practices institution nalized racism. They put black people on the margins. They only post stereotypical pictures of Blacks.
    2)The chive will not censor ra cist comments against blacks, but if you try to say the word inte gration, you are censored. Why?
    3)The “find her” gallery is the most offensive. You are asking users to stalk women against their will, find their names, and make the public. Law suit baby.
    4)Chivettes are the most stupid artificial construct ever. Get a life ladies. Do you just wait for validation from these gross 40 year old men? Ew
    5)Um, ok, the chive has a black is beautiful gallery once every three months. But they have constant red head, chivette of the week(always a white girl), and weekly posts dedicated to white/Aryan women
    6)To be a chivette: dye your hair blonde, don’t be black, fake boobs, vapid
    7)Brooke the dentist. UM SHE IS AN ASSISTANT. That’s like saying a nurse is a doctor. False advertising chive!
    8)To be a chive st affer: 4 0 year ol ds, steal from other we bsites, glorify white women. Repeat.
    9)The chive likes to celebrate idiots in higher education. This is why we lag America. We are too focused on celebrating pics of peole drinking and bingeing. Why not have a post to celebrate black actors, black educators, black history?
    10)Mac the intern , enough said.
    11)This website is dumb under some stupid ass banner of KCCO. You act all philanthropic by posting pics of people in need. Then users will say, “good job, way to go ,you can do it!” then pat themselves on the back and act like they did a good deed.
    Admit to yourselves what you really are, a bunch of old aging wanna be frat dudes wh posts pics of white women to objectify them, nothing more. You are as much into charity as chivettes are awesome.


    Chiveisr acist@g

  • Bustanut

    I have quite large balls and would like to pay these women's for rubbing sac on face

  • Greg Hankins

    #10 wins

  • Brian

    Moar of #28 !!!

  • @Shwstppa

    24 Find her you must

  • @Shwstppa

    #24 Find her you must

  • Geek Chiver

    #5 #14 #28

    I request moar please.

  • Joe

    #2 and #15 MOAR please

  • GilgameshJoe

    LEGS!!! Legs are the highways to pleasure!!!

  • Houdini112

    #13 would't mind playing a game or two with them

  • Kyle

    #5 is Ladie Lane, check out her tumblr. She is also a cam model.

    #26 Camdamage is also pretty sweet.

    #32 Always good to see Dylan.

  • Jamie Carter

    so glad you came out with this category, i was just telling my friend the other day i should msg you guys about creating it.. #1 is wow, and would love to come into my room and see #3

  • KenStorm989

    Best Collection EVER!

  • Anonymous

    maybe the black girl should try allstar hip hop or bet to find her insperation through out the day every site cant be all about what is important to you

  • guest

    OMG 23!

  • guest

    OMG #23

  • Hans Olo

    #16 #19

  • JawZ911

    #10 and #11 FTW!!!!

  • yakeet

    #22 Hottest ever!!!! More please. Find her!!!!!!!!

  • FinallyMoving


    marriage material

  • Frank

    #31 very inviting…
    #5 nerdgasm

  • savanath

    dear Chive,

    I just wanted to say that 'girls with glasses' and 'knee high socks' are the best categories in your website. now please combined the two categories with another category, which is burn bra.

    it will be the best thing I will ever see, and I will gladly die after that.

    yours truly

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