Move over Banksy, there’s a new gun in town: Hanksy (10 photos)


  • Overlord

    I think its a ploy to get a reaction out of Banksy. I think its super cool.

  • Anthony

    Ugh, not good. This is wannabe art. This is only for people that want to jump on the street art band wagon.

  • jhento

    This guy deserves nothing. He sucks the dick of banksys style. Get a job ya mook

  • Calikush

    Dudes that do this type of "art" are fagitass emo weirdos..aaaand will foooorsure tell on all his lil buddys the first time there talkin about giving him 15 or 20 felony counts of vandalizm.. Lil rat ass mogotts

  • infernalblaze28

    Please make #11 a T-Shirt!!!!!

  • Mark

    Sooo, he rips off someone elses name and art and but makes one change to it… How is that cool at all?

    • Brandon Mauk

      I know right and all these people are like he's so cool apparently they know nothing of banksy.

  • Chive while I drive

    I'd buy a hansky shirt… Just sayin

  • Kevin

    yeah this is real crap . . Banksy ftw

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