• *dash*

    can't have my, can't have my, no you can't have my virginity

  • Stacy

    I could totally see my self tapping a foot and such in an elivator

  • Bruce Dickinson

    I'll be honest, fellas that sounded great but I coulda used more water jug!

  • michael

    I thought it was impressive and innovative to be honest. Though, i wasn't interested enough to watch the whole thing. I'm actually surprised from the title you guys chose. Was this dorky – Yes absolutely. Is it going to spoil someones sex life – doubtful. Some music chicks probably will dig it.

  • Alex

    They Are a Danish Amateur Group there goes by the name "Flaskedrengene" (bottle boys).

  • Brad

    I for some reason want to go play zelda now

  • Friz

    Needs more cowbell

  • NVP

    Virginity safe!

  • https://www.facebook.com/lyle.lance Lyle Lance

    Are they virgins, probably. But they made that song thier bitch. My feet were tapping the floor. lol.

  • Jammy

    Sounds like a bad Russian wedding song.

  • http://www.treealityproductions.com Treeality

    I think we all agree there should be a show about three guys surviving in a treehouse, trying to become famous on Youtube. Here's the pitch:

  • Rooster C

    Sorry, but I think that's pretty fricken impressive..

  • Applefish

    More like Zamfir.

  • onamission

    Yo Meatheads,
    I bet these dudes get laid harder and more frequently than most of you. If not, they certainly do now. Have you not noticed all the hottie hipster girls springing up across the globe seeking mustache-growing, suspender-wearing musical geniuses? Get a clue or at least get a hobby (like making recyclables play lovely pop music).

  • Doug

    I hate to say it, but that was pretty fucking amazing.

  • Matt

    Oh come on guys! These guys were fun! I liked it!

  • The german

    Danish guys studying music at the university. Very skilled… World famous now, so probably getting more girls than any og us

  • gymjunkie

    thats actually pretty cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/ehbrada Lawrence Panis

    Honestly, these guys are badass!!!!

  • Guest

    This doesn't equal eternal virginity. I was hanging out with a girl who was a f*ck buddy at he time and we sat in my living room one night and she taught me how to make different tones with the bottles. She thought it was fun. Maybe a chick taught them it could be cool.

  • http://www.treealityproductions.com Treeality

    I think we all agree there should be a video about three guys living in a treehouse trying to become famous on Youtube. And that video is right here:

  • McCarthy

    That's pretty damn impressive, you have to give them that.

  • Mdot

    i could not dissagree with this title any more. i have a raging lady boner right now. ya.

  • RalphMo

    God damn hipsters with too much time on their hands

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