Roadside America: One of the greatest miniature villages in the world (26 HQ Photos)

Found Via Buzzfeed

Below is a video of the light show that takes place every half hour…

Source: Buzzfeed

  • Ethix

    #1 I'm guessing Colonel Shartle had to carry around lots of extra pairs of underwear.

    • cat hammer


    • LucretiusCarus

      Really? Guy spends years building a pile of awesome with his own two hands and the first comment we get is about sharts and it gets 34 thumbs up?

      Lowest Common Denominator, meet the Chive.

      • Ethix

        Welcome to the internet.

  • AfterDark

    I got stuck on the fact that the town's name is Shartlesville.

    • Liam GTFOMW

      it sounds like "Charlottes"

      • Laura L

        No. No it does not. I live 3 miles away.

  • DrewMatic


  • 65massey

    Wife walked in on me in the shower, I said " Hey it's mine I'll wash it as fast as I want to" !

    • tv_paul

      So you decided to put this joke in a posting on miniature things….very interesting.

    • Underbaker

      She replied "But honey there is almost nothing left now".

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Pretty cool, but does it have a strip club?

    • Jordan

      no, there is no strip club in shartelsville.. about 30 min away though!

  • tv_paul

    #8 While it's very impressive how can it get any attention right after the hump day posting.

  • Azchiver

    Damn this guy was a BOSS!!!!

  • ColaChiver

    #21 No one in that miniature town can drive for shit!

    • Simon

      The steering wheels are tiny. Plus I guess if you have huge people staring at you all day, and the lights going out every thirty minutes, shit's gonna get messy.

      • Cletus clump

        Yet another… Punsters paradise here.

    • Aaron

      Miniature Asians….that's my guess.

      • OnOneWheel24


    • 13Aliens

      They do have an accident scene depicted, now that you mention it. It's 15 minutes from my house and I take the nephew there every time he comes to visit.

      Not a bad place to spend an hour for $6…

    • chucklesclown

      That sounds like a pretty accurate representation of most full-scale towns.

  • Warren

    #16 This thing is going to be loaded with "KCCO" going forward.

    • Underbaker

      We should all email Angelica and let her know how much we appreciated her comments.

  • Rich

    I grew up near there, this post brings back awesome memories. if you ever get a chance it's worth seeing.

    • Don

      My grandparents live in frystown right down the road and same here, tons of memories seeing it EVERY summer with them. Talk about some randomness seeing it on here.

  • Josh

    This is right by my house!

    • Laura L

      Me too!! I live less than 10 minutes away.

    • Simon

      Those little guys might use your house as a "massive house" exhibit.

      Have you got a load of tiny 50s cars outside, parked randomnly?

  • Simon

    Is there a miniature Roadside America on there where all these guys go?

  • Gabe

    Wow. Just wow.
    How do you keep this even moderately dust-free??

    • Simon

      Wondering that too, since there doesn't seem to be any crawl through areas. Unless some of the hills are removable.

  • Static

    theres another really cool one in Strasburg, pa… choochoo barn. Went there with my son when he was little (to see the life size thomas lol)

  • metalkid88

    not to far from where i live. place is pretty cool

  • Liam GTFOMW

    This place is great, and all of you with the Shart Jokes it sounds like "Charlottes-ville"

    • Ron Forster III

      Not sure where you get the Charlottes out of Shartel…but sure!

    • Dan8586

      I live right near this town and it is NOT pronounced like Charlottes-ville.

      • Laura L

        yeah, no. I live super close too. No one says "charlottesville". You say it exactly how it looks like you would say say it.

  • HerkyNYC

    Cars seem dated. 😉

  • Been There

    Went there twice as a kid – took my son 2 years ago. Awesome place if you are in the area

  • J.J.

    I've been here. It's a pretty cool place to stop if you're passing by – right off of Rt 78.

    The people who work there are all family and are SUPER SERIOUS about this place.

  • kyle

    What is up with the black iroc camaro at the bottom, the tan c4 corvette to the right, and the blue late 80's camaro at top left corner of this pic, boy they are period correct with the cars huh!

    • paradox

      Maybe its a time paradox , get out your DeLorien and flux capacitor

      there are plenty of cars buses and trucks that are post 70"s, someones still adding to it. even that AMBO in the picture is modern

  • Brian

    Wow. And here I thought I was wasting a bit too much time on the Chive.

    • Underbaker

      Well remember that was prior to cable TV, not to mention the internet.

  • Jame

    Wow! This is incredible. It's filled with pure Americana. I absolutely love it!

  • liquid_drummer

    Simply amazing!

  • Brian


    • chris

      Damnit you beat me I was naive to think Id be the first

      • yup

        Couldn't have said it better myself

  • Caleb

    There is another place in BC that has something similar to it, but better. It's in a town called Osoyoos. Better because there is a hidden nude beach.


      It's in Victoria near the Inner Harbour, but it's a museum of miniatures.

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