Roadside America: One of the greatest miniature villages in the world (26 HQ Photos)

Found Via Buzzfeed

Below is a video of the light show that takes place every half hour…

Source: Buzzfeed

  • Thee Chad

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  • Gallus

    I live near Shartlesville, but I have never seen the village. I have put it on my agenda for this summer.

    Time stopped there in 1960. Still, if it isn't the way America is, it's the way it should be.

  • ian

    I live about 20-30 mins from this place. I crack up every time I pass the exit for this. I've never went into the town nor the tiny village. Guess, I should have.

  • vmalnd

    Hah!!! Chive post close by me…have passed by here a bunch of times but never went in….now I don't have to thanks 🙂

  • Colin

    that is very cool and I"m sure it took lots of blood, sweat, and tears building it. But how in the heck can you see everything if you're only walking around the outside of it. be really nice if you could walk on top on the thing via a bridge or something

    • Colin

      now thinking about it, I"m sure this was built for the love of building it and probably nothing more

  • PubicJones


  • Wembley

    Seriously? Segregation? Shame.

  • ZED

    Pretty cool, Northlandz I think is better for the trains

  • Detaildeviant

    Brings back some good memories when my father used to me when I was little!

  • Casey w.

    I live 15 minutes from this place. Went there in elementary school for a field trip! It is very cool.

  • David

    I have loved this place since I was a kid (a LONG time ago). We used to visit it every year when we went to visit family. It's outdated and kitschy which just add to the charm. Took my kids there about 10 years ago, and it was probably my first visit in 20 years, and I still loved it for the memories. This is one of the few, real American roadside attractions left from that era.

  • etcrr

    It must be seen, It is way better in person

  • Brian K

    I used to stop there all the time with the family on our way to Knoebels

    • Matt B

      Knoebels one of the few parks where parking is free and no admission just pay to ride what you want.

  • Ralph

    I'd love to see how they avoided stepping on stuff while assembling this masterpiece. Shit, I'd be afraid to move if I was fixing up something in the centre.

  • strawberrymoustache

    Don't believe any of it, it's just TILT SHIFT.

    mind = blown.

  • thedude325

    Those problems have been solved.

  • Paul Blackburn

    I hope they all come alive at night while the place is closed.

  • anon

    i used to go to this place when i was growing up … american classic

  • edwin winnipeg

    #2 its perfect that the R is missing it adds to the rustic charm

  • twinix

    amazing too http://www.miniatur-wunderland [dot] com/

  • MBT29

    The best one is Miniatur Wunderland (Google it), but it's in Europe.

  • Peter

    Nice, but….ever been to Hamburg? Watch this:

  • OnOneWheel24

    #19 Someone has a little time on their hands….

  • Matt B

    PA proud! Been here a few times. Awesome to see small town USA represented on the Chive. Between the Amish and chocolate town USA (Hershey). Let's get a Chive meetup in PA. KCCO

    • Casey W


  • Dwight Butler

    #3 That's what she said

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